Best Litigation Lawyers


If you are involved in a civil dispute, an experienced attorney must protect your rights. These Indianapolis litigation lawyers will guide you through the intricate legal system and help you reach your desired outcome.

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Personal Injury

You must hire a top litigation lawyer in Indianapolis to fight for your rights if you have been injured. They are experienced in car accidents, construction and premises liability claims, product defects, and medical malpractice cases.

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, they might be liable for compensating you for your losses. You can seek restitution for all expenses and suffer by filing a civil lawsuit against the responsible party.

An experienced Indiana personal injury attorney will gather evidence and interview witnesses to prove someone else was at fault for your incident. This includes investigating your case thoroughly and interviewing relevant witnesses, first responders, or doctors involved.

Proving liability in medical malpractice cases can be a complex process. An experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney will know how to navigate this process and work diligently on your behalf so that you receive total compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Business & Commercial Disputes

When your business is involved in a lawsuit, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. Whether the dispute pertains to financials, intellectual property, breach of contract, data security, or insurance claims, finding a local attorney with expertise in business and commercial litigation can help you to resolve all legal matters quickly and efficiently.

At Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP in Indianapolis, our attorneys provide their clients with high-quality and efficient legal services. We combine strong advocacy with creative problem-solving skills across various civil legal matters.

Our business and commercial lawyers assist businesses of all sizes, from small startups to multinational corporations. With expertise in various business operations transactions, they work closely with clients to develop tailored legal solutions tailored to their individual requirements.

Our team of experienced trial lawyers has achieved success in court for their clients. If you are facing a business or commercial dispute, contact us for an initial consultation with a knowledgeable litigator.

Employment & Labor Law

Employment & labor law is one of the most intricate areas of litigation, as the myriad rules and regulations that regulate employee relations pose a daunting compliance burden for employers.

At Parr Richey Fransen Patterson Kruse LLP, they understand this complexity and dedicate significant resources to safeguarding their clients’ rights in employment discrimination claims before government agencies, state and federal courts, labor-relations counseling, and negotiations.

They handle a range of employment-related disputes, such as wage-hour violations, class actions for wage-hour and classification violations, unfair competition, wrongful termination, misappropriation of trade secrets, and restrictive covenants.

Attorney Stephanie Jane Hahn represents workers who have experienced discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or pregnancy. With her extensive legal knowledge and experience, she helps clients across Indiana overcome workplace challenges.

Estate & Probate

Probate attorneys represent clients in probate court proceedings related to decedents’ estates, wills, intestate succession, trusts, conservatorship, and guardianships. They have substantive expertise on state laws governing these matters and hands-on experience trying cases before judges and juries.

The initial step in probate is proving that a deceased person executed a valid will and distributed assets according to that plan. Assets like solely owned bank accounts, homes, cars, jewelry, artwork, cash, and antiques are considered “probate assets.”

In the event of someone’s death without a will, their inheritance would be distributed according to what is known as “intestacy rules.” In most states, these regulations stipulate that spouses, parents, children, grandparents, cousins, or other close family members can be appointed the beneficiaries of any estate that does not possess a valid will.

Probate law is intricate, and the personal representative (an executor in Indiana) has specific duties to fulfill. These include proving the validity of a will, paying debts and taxes, accounting for all estate assets, and distributing any remaining resources to heirs.