Baba Rampuri – Hindu Scriptures within the Sanatan Dharma


Baba Rampuri talks concerning the position and nature of sacred textual content, Hindu scriptures, and the Oral Custom within the Sanatan Dharma.

The monotheist religions require a central doctrine, and a central textual content, which is the idea for that doctrine, that is why they’ve been referred to as the Religions of the E-book. “The E-book” was initially manuscripts, and finally printed texts. Their authority lies throughout the “ebook.”

When the colonizers of the 18th-19th centuries and their scribes within the human sciences wished to map Indian considering, that they had the daunting job of defining indigenous Indian faith in such a method that it may match within the classes laid out for it and put it on the grid of all issues. They needed to assemble, because it have been, an Indian faith, in order that it additionally would have a central definitive doctrine and a central textual content. A printed textual content.

The printed textual content has been indispensable to data in our fashionable world till the appearance of the video display screen and web.

Now we have crucial editions of Indian texts, which students have created by evaluating a number of completely different manuscripts of the identical textual content. Students then edited out apparent errors, and used their academically honed deductive logic to find out different errors, omissions and additions, and decided originality and genesis. And these “authentic” manuscripts have been usually commissioned by the aristocracy, so that somebody listened to an oral rendition of a textual content or its commentary and wrote it down. And naturally, when phrase obtained out that Europeans have been searching for manuscripts, the frauds and forgeries additionally appeared, by the truckload. One of the crucial well-known being the “Ezourvedam,” a fraudulent textual content composed by Jesuit missionaries in Pondicherry (French colony in India), to display the inferiority of the idolatrous Indians in comparison with Christianity. Voltaire, God bless his soul, used this textual content, believing its authenticity, to display the subtlety and superiority of Indian thought to a decadent Christianity.

You’ve gotten a yogi within the oral custom, who’s studying the E-book of the World and commenting on it every day, and somebody comes alongside and writes down what he says or sings. After which his phrases, or not less than what are recorded as his phrases, are faraway from his physique, from his lips. That is the manuscript. It is as if a snapshot of a day within the lifetime of the oral custom.

I am reminded of Magritte’s portray of a pipe that has the phrases prominently written throughout the canvas, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” Effectively, are you able to smoke it?

The phrases require a voice, and that exact voice of authority within the oral custom gives the context and the exegesis. As soon as faraway from its supply the textual content might now tackle a lifetime of its personal. Interpretations could also be learn into it, it might be edited, up to date, made extra clear, translated. The phrases might bear some form of transformation, in line with the wants of the academy, not in line with the dynamic of custom. And, they’re forbidden from leaving their pages, imprisoned by the entrance and finish covers of the ebook.

Guttenberg and his printing press began the fashionable strategy of taming the wild profusion of data, “civilizing” huge overgrown tracts of wilderness. Information began migrating into the printed web page, the place it could possibly be protected, and the place it could possibly be safely displayed just like the wild animals within the cages of a zoo. The extra it migrated, the extra it turned data and the extra it misplaced its context. However within the course of, it gained a a lot bigger viewers than that solely throughout the attain of a voice, and as such, usurped the authority of that voice.

Books demand literacy, which was uncommon once they first began displaying their covers. A contemporary schooling, tradition and discursive reasoning have been crucial in the event that they have been to be helpful, even when one may discover entry to the product, itself. Amazon was a giant girl in these days. However most necessary of all, the tradition of literacy demanded a change in the best way language was used.

Language and the World turned disconnected. Language started to specific man’s concepts concerning the world somewhat than being an articulation of the world itself. A brand new mapping course of started. Phrases obtained misplaced, they now not marked something and have been condemned to reside solely on the pages of books, from which they have been borrowed to colonize folks’s speech.


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