Aer Travel Sling Review


Aer’s Travel Sling is a stylish, compact alternative to a large backpack. Made of ballistic-grade 1,680-denier CORDURA nylon, it features a three-liter storage capacity and multiple carrying options. However, it is not waterproof. The day sling is not waterproof, so this product may not be waterproof.

Day Sling 3 is made from ballistic-grade 1,680-denier CORDURA nylon

If you’re looking for a lightweight and versatile backpack, you’ve come to the right place. Aer’s Travel Day Sling 3 is made from ballistically grade 1,680-denier CORDURA nylon. The bag features reinforced seams and stitching, and a lifetime warranty.

The day sling offers plenty of storage with its three-liter capacity, adjustable shoulder straps, and customizable inner compartments. It is also waterproof and slash/puncture-resistant, with a tarpaulin lining.

The Aer Travel Day Sling 3 is designed for day trips and other active outdoor pursuits. It is made from ballistic-grade 1,680-denier CORDURA nylon, which is tough enough to resist scratches and abrasions. The sling features a hidden zippered pocket and a small tablet sleeve.

The main compartment stretches from corner to corner. It opens with a water-resistant YKK zipper. Five organizational slots are positioned inside the main compartment, as well as a large, zippered pocket. This compartment has a lanyard-style zipper for quick access to your phone and paper goods.

It offers three liters of storage space

The Aer Travel Sling is a compact travel bag with three liters of storage space. It’s made with durable materials and has a wide shoulder strap for a comfortable fit. It has three separate pockets, including one front pocket with a zippered closure and another one at the back with a woven lining. It also has a key leash and a hidden rear pocket.

It has multiple carrying options

The Aer Travel Sling has multiple carrying options, including a sling, waist strap, and chest strap. The zippered front closure and padded straps give this bag a classic style. The interior of the sling is gray or fireman orange, depending on the material.

The sling option is the most comfortable and should be used for long trips or frequent taking-off and landing. The other carrying option is the grab handle. It’s a good idea to pack the essentials in a sling if you can’t pack everything in your handbag.

The Day Sling is an excellent option for daytime use. It has multiple pockets, a symmetric strap layout, and a Fidlock magnetic fastener to secure your items. The Aer Day Sling also has a front compartment, the main compartment, and a back compartment. There is also space for an 11″ tablet and a bigger water bottle.

The Aer Travel Sling is also quite comfortable, with padded shoulder straps and adjustable straps. The two anchor points make the strap system a very secure one and will prevent it from slipping onto your neck. This bag also has multiple carrying options, including a sling, shoulder bag, and backpack.

It’s not waterproof

While the Aer Travel Sling is made of rugged materials, it is not waterproof. The zippers are not AquaGuard and the bag does not come with a rain fly. The best option would be to purchase a third-party rainfly of comparable dimensions. You’ll find this sling in a variety of colors and textures.

The sling bag comes with a padded 11-inch tablet sleeve and pen loop. The top handle is made from double-up webbing, which feels plush. It is not possible to carry the Aer Travel Sling as a briefcase with a shoulder strap, but you can carry it by its handle.

The Aer Travel Sling 2 is similar to the previous model but has a few subtle upgrades. Its newer and wider design improves its storage potential. Its thoughtful internal organization makes it more suitable for carrying larger items, and new hardware adds to its durability and aesthetic appeal. This model costs $10 more than the regular City Sling.