AARP Games For Seniors


AARP games provide cognitive stimulation for seniors while allowing them to socialize online with fellow players. Some games even incorporate progress-tracking capabilities to reward and reinforce good habits.

AARP games feature classic card games such as Solitaire to enhance concentration, problem-solving, and patience; puzzles of various difficulty levels; and word games like AARP Crossword.


As an AARP member, you can take advantage of various fun games on this platform. From board to arcade-style titles and mobile-friendly offerings – with rewards such as Funzpoints to redeem for cash prizes and other goodies! While most of these games are free for all members, AARP members can gain additional levels to some games!

Solitaire is an all-time classic card game and one of AARP’s most beloved card games, helping improve concentration, patience, and problem-solving skills. Spider Solitaire adds another level of difficulty and its captivating spider theme! Bridge is another popular AARP game that allows participants to develop social interaction and analytical reasoning skills through strategic playing strategies.

Other AARP games, such as chess, checkers, and backgammon, help develop critical thinking skills while relieving stress. Furthermore, these entertaining and relaxing games strengthen immune systems and enhance memory, not to mention they make for great train or meeting-time fillers!

AARP offers many different online games designed for adults, from puzzles and word games to casino-style blackjack and video poker – some of which pay real money! But players should be mindful that some may not be available in their state – choosing a site licensed in the US by recognized gaming authorities ensures users a fair and secure experience.

Keeping Sharp

Playing AARP games can help keep your mind active and sharp. The free online games on their website offer entertainment and a chance to connect with fellow gamers – card games, word puzzles, and classic crosswords are just a few examples! Many AARP games even offer reward points with annual membership sign-up!

Keeping Sharp offers puzzle, math, and memory games to strengthen and broaden cognitive skills. Some standout titles are Sequence Square and Memory Match, which utilize quick association of patterns with high scores – both can be challenging yet relaxing simultaneously! AARP’s free games aim to develop problem-solving and logic abilities in players while simultaneously having fun!

Anyone can enjoy these games, but they are especially beneficial to people with vision or dexterity issues. They can also serve as a great way to pass the time while waiting for an appointment or sitting on the bus, and online casinos often host tournaments that allow players to compete for real-money prizes.

AARP’s Keeping Sharp games have been shown to significantly enhance brain health by speeding up thought processing and decision-making speed and decreasing dementia risk in older adults. They are fun, challenging, and easy to learn; you can even play them on mobile devices!

AARP website features an array of brain games for users to enjoy, such as mental math and other number games, split words arcade, and crossword. There’s even a free version of Tetris available! AARP makes learning fun!


AARP Games provides a selection of engaging games designed to keep you active, reduce stress, connect with new friends, and keep your brain sharp and healthy. Plus, its mobile-friendly platform makes accessing Android or iOS smartphones or tablets simple!

Checkers is one of the world’s oldest board games, dating back to Roman times and becoming popular again during Civil War soldiers’ recreation times in America. The game requires no special equipment beyond a table and set of checker pieces or tokens; anyone can quickly pick up this classic pastime!

One player should aim to remove all of his opponent’s checkers from the board. To achieve this goal, he must place his pieces into his home board before taking them out by moving past 1 point. If an opponent’s piece lands on his middle bar accidentally, returning it into play by moving it back towards its starting point at 24 is critical to a successful strategy.

This challenging and addictive game helps develop cognitive skills in players. The game targets specific brain areas to enhance memory and attention span and help prevent dementia. Players can earn badges for completing challenges and winning games as they compete on leaderboards against other players to earn prizes for their efforts – ideal for family gaming nights! Plus, it is free to download on most Android and iOS devices – perfect!


Word games are an engaging pastime enjoyed by people of all ages, providing mental exercise and social connection. One such word game designed specifically for seniors, AARP Games Outspell, offers fun yet challenging gameplay on computers, tablets, and smartphones; plus, it requires no special hardware or software!

Outspell is a word-building game which challenges players to create words from the letter tiles provided. Various difficulty levels can be played with other human players or against AI opponents; one’s score will depend on how many letter tiles were utilized during one turn.

Outspell is accessible on AARP’s website, requiring just an Internet-connected computer or smartphone with Internet connectivity and Internet access to play. Players can compete against friends or other Outspell players from around the world. Winning Outspell requires strategy and good judgment – players should consider all possible word combinations and spelling patterns of letters to maximize their chances of victory and success.

Outspell is an engaging way to expand your vocabulary using actual English words, making it an excellent alternative to board games of the past and an accessible experience that is simple for players of any level to understand and play together with a friend. Regular Outspell playing can enhance language skills and confidence in reading and writing; additionally, it provides strategies for dealing with life’s obstacles while potentially decreasing dementia or memory-related conditions.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a classic arcade game with straightforward controls that are simple enough for anyone to understand yet addictive and engaging gameplay. As players progress through its levels, challenges become increasingly challenging, forcing players to think strategically to achieve high scores and unlock additional levels. Plus, there’s the task system, which adds another fun element!

Bubble Shooter’s main objective is to clear the screen by shooting and matching bubbles of identical colors. This can be accomplished using a touch interface or mouse controls; players may also utilize power-ups to assist them through more challenging levels. In addition, players can utilize walls around the screen as targets to bounce shots off to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This feature is convenient if the shooter is having difficulty matching up specific bubbles of their color.

Players can collect bubbles to unlock special items that can aid them on their path to victory, including Bomb (which can destroy multiple bubbles at once) and Fireball (which burns all attached bubbles). Furthermore, there’s a full-screen option so players can focus solely on playing without distraction.

AARP Bubble Shooter is an exciting and captivating mobile game perfect for relaxing after a long day or entertaining passengers during road trips. Its colorful graphics and soothing sound effects create a beautiful environment to meet players of all ages. Additionally, social interaction opportunities exist within this engaging title to foster community among players.