A website monitor is what is it?


Our websites wouldn’t ever go offline in an ideal world. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect in which we live. Your website will inevitably go offline at some point if you own one. Although the causes may differ, the outcome will remain the same. Your website won’t be accessible, which will aggravate your customers. You need a good website monitor if you want to keep track of your website downtime. Is Talk Talk Down to learn, click here.

A website monitor is what it is.

A service called a website monitor keeps track of your website’s uptime. These services have automated programs to perform this for you because you can’t sit in front of your computer and press the refresh button continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your website monitor will alert you and let you know about the issue if your website goes down unexpectedly.

What Advantages Does a Website Monitor Offer?

Your visitors anticipate you will start working immediately to get your website back up and running if it goes down. The issue is that there is nothing you can do to fix the outage if you are unaware of it. These services can be helpful in that situation. By using these services, you can receive alerts when your website experiences an outage, allowing you to start working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How Do Website Monitors Function?

A website monitoring service that you sign up for uses servers to check on the status of your website at predetermined intervals. (as often as every 60 seconds). These servers test your website’s protocol every hour, every day of the week. The website monitor is working to keep your site up and running while you’re in bed sleeping. The monitoring service will contact you immediately if it notices a connection problem or a problem with the performance of your website. Depending on the service you use, different contact methods may be used. A good service will also give you monthly reports that list the downtime of your website. These reports can help you identify problems, like spikes in website traffic, that may be causing your downtime.

What Are the Prices for Website Monitoring Services?

The price of monitoring services varies depending on the service. Some “free” website monitors are available, but their features and communication options are both constrained. Most services charge a base fee to monitor your website and additional fees for each alert you receive when it is unavailable. Some services cost $10 a month and let you keep an eye on up to 50 URLs. You pay less than 30 cents for each call you get if you choose to be called each time your website goes down. It’s best to pay for SMS or phone notifications if your email server is down along with your site because the notification method is crucial when your site goes down. A 30-cent phone call is well worth the investment because each minute your location is unavailable can result in lost revenue.

Don’t leave the effectiveness of your website to chance:

The bottom line is that without effective website monitoring, you won’t know how well your site performs or how much downtime you are experiencing. Ensure you have a reliable monitoring service to alert you when your site goes down because downtime equals lost revenue and angry customers who might seek their needs elsewhere. Then, when you know that your website is down, you can start working immediately to put your backup plans in place to restore customer access and carry on with business as usual.

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