A Bill and Ted Phone Booth That Actually Makes Calls


An actual phone booth that can make calls costs almost $9000; it looks just like Bill and Ted’s Fantastic Adventure and houses real payphones to facilitate communication between callers.

Cubicall, a company that designs modern office booths, produces these booths, which offer visual, auditory, and territorial privacy as well as easily assembled/disassembled functionality. They ship flat and can be created/disassembled.

Product Description

Bill and Ted’s Time-Traveling Phone Booth from 1989’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is returning to theaters this summer in Bill and Ted Face the Music, and in honor of this event, Cubicall has unveiled a life-sized replica used by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in their travels through history – measuring 42″x42″, weighing 600 pounds and standing over eight feet tall with its umbrella time-travel antenna (in fact it even makes calls!). Additionally, it can also make calls while making calls and is available for purchase as part of this promotion!

Cubicall, which specializes in custom office phone booths, claims it has created an exact reproduction of the movie-era booth from Bill and Ted to commemorate their franchise and the forthcoming sequel. This booth can provide privacy for meetings in open floor plan offices where noise or distractions may become an issue; additionally, it can serve as a space for collaboration or head-down work. Cubicall is currently accepting preorders, with delivery scheduled for May.

Rufus, a time traveler from the future, uses a phone booth to transport Bill and Ted back in time so they can pass their history exam and avoid military school. While traveling back through history, they collect historical characters who helped them in their period and use the booth again later to bring them back home again.

The company boasts that they have created a booth modeled on original movie production art and recreated the interior as accurately as possible. Constructed of wood and steel materials with a glass door for privacy, it can either be suspended from a ceiling or mounted to the wall and features both VOIP or landline capabilities, as well as an umbrella time-travel antenna lighted sign for time travel purposes.

Cubicall offers the booth at $8,495. Preorder it here from Creative Licensing’s leading independent merchandise licensing agency that represents some of the world’s best brands, including Mars Attacks!, Men in Black, and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Product Details

With Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey returning to theaters later this year, its merchandise just got even more fantastic! A company called Cubicall has produced an exact life-sized replica of its time-traveling phone booth from the film That Works!

Preorder the limited-run Bill and Ted Phone Booth now from their company website! At $8,495, this beautiful booth measures 42″x 42″, weighs 600 pounds, and features an authentic payphone retrofitted for VOIP/landline service with blinking time travel buttons and an umbrella-shaped antenna. I shipped the flat for assembly upon delivery within the US.

If you are unfamiliar with the film, its plot involves two friends named Bill and Ted, who attempt to pass their history class by traveling back in time to an old phone booth to meet historical figures who need help writing essays about history. At last, Bill and Ted are forced to face The Music, but before doing so, they choose an unconventional form of transportation, the time-traveling phone booth, as their vehicle of choice.

Cubicall is a custom phone booth manufacturer that specializes in office privacy booths. Their booths offer visual, auditory, and territorial privacy that helps people focus in open office environments and overcome distractions such as noise interruptions and echoes. Their booths can easily be assembled or disassembled using the tools provided. Plus, each features bi-fold door technology for tight spaces!

Cubicall has introduced its latest offering – an exact reproduction of Bill and Ted’s time-traveling phone booth with its iconic umbrella-shaped antenna – which will comfortably seat four people for meetings or brainstorming sessions. Each cubicle booth comes equipped with power outlets as well as USB charging ports to maximize convenience for use during business meetings or creative brainstorming sessions.

Creative Licensing, an independent licensing agency representing classic films and properties, licenses their merchandise for sale. Alongside replicas of Bill and Ted phone booths, Creative Licensing produces other film-era artifacts from Bill and Ted movies, like their iconic Psychedelic Furs album cover replica and iconic wavy haircuts of Bill and Ted characters.

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Cubicall offers cost-effective privacy solutions designed to help office workers focus and avoid open-plan distractions. Shipped flat, they’re simple to assemble/disassemble and fully customizable – ideal for areas where every square inch counts! Plus, they help meet International Building Codes for privacy in the workplace – as featured by ABC’s Shark Tank, The New York Times, and Interior Design magazines alike! Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Las Vegas.

Relive Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: The Movie – Part 3 this August 2020 with this officially licensed booth by maker Cubicall! An accurate recreation of the one used in the original film featuring time-traveling dudes from the future, this booth includes an authentic payphone retrofitted for VOIP/landline service as well as blinking time travel buttons, and an umbrella time-travel antenna, shipping flat for easy assembly. It’s made in the USA!

The iconic phone booth from Bill and Ted movies has made appearances in several other films such as Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and Most Excellent Adventure, where Rufus displayed all of the historical figures he collected during his adventures and helped Bill and Ted pass their history exam in Face The Music.

Product Reviews

One of the saddest contests ever run was held by a video game magazine in 1991, and Kenneth Grayson won. When his prize arrived, however, he removed it from its box only to break it immediately as “it was made of cheap plastic.”

Cubicall, which produces privacy booths for offices, is offering us all another chance to own this iconic prop. They have made a limited-edition phone booth designed after that used by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to travel through history, complete with authentic payphone retrofitted for both VOIP and landline service!

The phone booth will ship flat and require some assembly, but according to its maker, it should be simple. Additionally, it comes equipped with an umbrella time-travel antenna just like that used by Bill and Ted to pick up Wyld Stallyns from different eras. Preorders have already started rolling in for shipment, which is expected in May; now is an ideal time to pre-order one!

Recent innovations in time travel are plentiful, too. If you missed it, a new Bill and Ted movie is set for release this summer, with reports suggesting that its predecessor’s time-traveling phone booth may feature prominently.

If you don’t feel ready to invest in the time-traveling phone booth, there are other Bill and Ted-themed gadgets you could choose from. One option includes purchasing a trash-talking Ted plushie that recites 12 of his most beloved sayings from the hit stoner comedy film series, perfect as an anniversary or birthday present! Just be sure to consult the sizing chart first, as adult body sizes might prove too large to fit inside it!