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eight Golden teachings of Maa Durga & Her Blessings by Satya Kalra


Goddess Durga, the Supreme Goddess is the most well-liked goddess in Hindu faith. The Divine Mom can also be referred because the Common Mom. She is the embodiment of Braveness, Pure Love/Compassion, and Divine Mild and Bliss.

Mom Durga (Maa Durga) is also called Divine Shakti (Female Power/Energy). She represents the facility of the Supreme Being that preserves ethical order and righteousness within the creation. She protects mankind and her devotees from miseries and pains, evils, adverse forces, and safeguards them.
Goddess Durga is depicted as a Warrior Goddess with eight fingers carrying eight weapons of various varieties. These symbolize her teachings as: Righteousness, Happiness, Discrimination, Ethical values & Character, Detachment, Loyalty, Devotion and Give up, Braveness, Forgiveness.

Durga Maa is the removing of our miseries and pains and giver of Shakti, Bhakti and Mukti- Energy, Love and Liberation. We should pray to Her asking to take away all of our imperfections and faults, purify our minds and hearts (Self-purification), and develop divine qualities as love, compassion, braveness, discrimination, detachment, forgiveness, humbleness, righteousness, caring and sharing and give up (Self-Transformation). Thus we turn into receptacles of Mom Druga’s Grace and Her blessings of final well being, happiness, peace & abundance and expertise her Divine Shakti -Anandamayi Shakti (Self-Realization).
Might Mom Goddess protects mankind from evil powers; bathe Her blessings of well being, happiness, love, peace & abundance on you, your family members and all within the universe.”


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