5 Best Amazon Kindle Books You Should Check Out


One of the best things about the Kindle is that you can read books on almost any device. Whether at home, in a waiting room, or on a plane, you can carry your Kindle and get lost in a good book. But what are some of the best books to sell on amazon that you should check out? Here are five of the best.

The Martian

  1. The Martian by Andy Weir


This book is a must-read for an adventure story set on Mars. It follows the journey of Mark Watney, a crewmember of the Ares 1 mission to Mars, as he tries to survive while stranded there. The book is filled with excitement, tension, and nail-biting suspense, and it will leave you wanting more.

Gone Girl

Are you looking for a psychological thriller to read on your Kindle? If so, then you should check out Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This book is a page-turner that will have you guessing until the end.

The Girl on the Train

  1. “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins is a gripping psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.


  1. After being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Rachel Weisz’s life worsens. She becomes obsessed with watching the same woman every day on her train until one morning, she disappears.


  1. As Rachel starts to unravel the mystery of the girl’s life, she begins to realize that this could be her secret disaster unfolding before her eyes.


  1. With twists and turns at every turn, “The Girl on the Train” is a must-read suspense novel that will leave you glued to your Kindle all afternoon long!


Wild is a compilation of short stories by authors such as Cheryl Strayed, Annie Proulx, and Toni Morrison. The book is written in a non-linear fashion, which makes it difficult to predict what will happen next. This unpredictability is one of the things that makes the book so enjoyable. There are no predictable arcs or plots, which allows readers to explore different characters and storylines without feeling confined by a traditional book.


The stories are all unique and exciting, perfectly capturing the feeling of wilderness. Some writers have expertise in this area, while others don’t. Regardless of the author’s experience with nature, Wild can be an exciting read because it doesn’t rely on overly familiar details or settings.


Instead, the book captures the essence of wildness through its characters and their experiences. Whether exploring a deserted cabin in Alaska or hiking through a dense forest in Oregon, each story takes readers on a unique journey into the natural world.

The House with Chicken Legs

If you’re looking for a hilariously dark read, check out House with Chicken Legs by Mo Willems. The story follows a young boy who moves into a new house with three creepy chicken legs attached to the wall. He soon learns that the legs are cursed and must try to rid the home of all its evil before it destroys everything. This best book to sell on amazon will make you laugh out loud and leave you eager to read the next installment.

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