What Are The Reasons For Opting For AMC For RO Water Purifiers?

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If you are using a water purifier for a long time, in that case, you need to keep in mind that just like any other electronic appliance, it needs regular maintenance to function efficiently. However, if you keep ignoring its alarming signs, it can lead to significant damages and, therefore, might cost you a lot of money.

So, a comprehensive maintenance agreement or an annual maintenance contract with your RO supplier will help you avoid these sudden, costly affairs. At the same time, you will also be entitled to enjoy additional discounts on services and replacements. So if you are about to purchase an advanced purifier like RO, you should opt for an RO AMC. This will ensure that you remain trouble-free and relaxed.

So let us now discuss some of the significant aspects of the Aquaguard AMC, which will help you understand why they are so necessary.

What Do You Mean By Annual Maintenance Contract?

Nowadays, very few people are not familiar with what AMC is. Well, you are at the right place as we will be discussing some of the significant aspects of this Annual Maintenance Contract right here.

As the name suggests, it is a contract between the water purifier service provider and the customer for a year. Well, it specifies that your service provider would provide you with regular maintenance for your appliance under the contract terms. Of course, you can also renew it at the end of the period and continue enjoying its benefits.

If you are worried about the Aquaguard AMC cost, let us assure you, you don’t need to pay the amount at one time; you can pay it in several instalments. The benefit of opting for an AMC is that it will cover all the sudden expenses that might suddenly arise due to the machine’s malfunctioning. Let us now discuss some of the significant reasons why opting for an AMC is essential.

Why Should You Opt For Annual Maintenance Contract For Your RO Water Purifier?

Well, by now, you must have understood that if you don’t want to go through the trouble of checking up your RO water purifier and remain stress-free, you need to opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract. Signing up for this agreement would mean that your service provider will send their technicians within a stipulated period for proper servicing of the appliance.

You can also check the Aquaguard AMC price list before signing the contract with your service provider. So that later on, you don’t feel burdened with the expenses. Now let us look at some of the significant reasons for which people opt for AMC:

Assured Services

This is one of the primary reasons people opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract. This is because an AMC would ensure that your service provider provides you with prompt services whenever your appliance faces any issue.

They have a team of dedicated and professional technicians who will be at your disposal if your water purifier malfunctions in any way. So you can sit back and relax instead of being tense all the time.


Opting for an Annual Maintenance Contract ensures that you enjoy an uninterrupted service from your RO water purifiers. The technicians will visit your house and service your appliance at least twice or thrice a year as per the contract terms. At the same time, if your machine suddenly starts malfunctioning, you can contact them for assistance.

Also, some companies offer their customers round-the-clock access with the help of personalized SMS services.

Genuine Spare Parts

Is your RO water purifier malfunctioning? You need not worry if you already have an AMC as it will cover all the expenses. However, if there is a need for any replacement or repairs in your water purifier, your service provider will provide you with a complete package of everything.

Also, you can remain assured that they will provide you with authentic spare parts and will efficiently repair the water purifier.

Maintenance Bonus

If your annual maintenance contract is about to expire or has already passed, it’s time you renew your contract. Well, if you continue it, you might be entitled to many lucrative discount offers, along with an additional bonus coverage period. So why not opt for it and enjoy these benefits?

Discount Offers

Often many service providers offer their customers attractive discount packages and exchange schemes on your existing water purifier. So opting for an annual maintenance contract can indeed provide you with these pretty packages. However, before renewing or opting for it, make sure you check the Eureka Forbes AMC price list to have a better idea of the packages and prices.

Emergency Repair Service 24/7

As discussed earlier, signing up for an AMC also ensures that you will be entitled to any emergency services you might require due to your RO water purifier malfunctioning. All you need to do is lodge your complaint to the service providers so that they can send a team of trained and professional technicians to your house as soon as possible.

No Tension of Bearing Unexpected Expenses

This is one of the most significant reasons many people opt for an annual maintenance contract. Signing up for this contract relieves you of the stress and tension about major expenses that might suddenly crop up if your RO water purifier malfunctions.

Ending Note

As we conclude, we can say that opting for an AMC for an RO water purifier can indeed be a wise decision, as it will ensure that you remain stress-free about your appliance. At the same time, you will also be able to enjoy lucrative discounts and offers that will lower your expenses.

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