Tips on how to Exhibit Your Company



Displays are one of the best ways to put your business and products in front of your clients and prospects to acquire good quality leads. They are also probably the most expensive forms of marketing and can overrun their spending budget. This article will highlight tips you should consider when preparing for an event.

Set a Target

Even though it may sound like jargon it is best to set a target for the exhibition. If you always go to the same show year after year, subsequently look back at that which you achieved previously and make an effort to do better. You may be launching the latest product, attracting clients, obtaining new leads, or maybe investigating a new market. Folks who want to think of a goal or your famous information shows a poor go back then consider spending the amount of money in a different way. Could you achieve a similar return at a lower cost using yet another form of marketing?

Choosing the right present

Are you looking for a new market or maybe launching a new product? Answering this question could connect you with choosing entirely different situations. A new market is most likely for you to mean a new show, sometimes in another geographic place or in a different market classification – a food show rather than a chemical show, for example. The latest product may well be best presented to your existing customer base who must attend your main industry celebration. There will likely be far more chances for you to exhibit that there may be a budget to pay for them.

Speak with the organizers, obtain their attendance records, and see which often customers visit historically and precisely what jobs they have in their firms. Talk to your customers and competitors along with industry contacts and get their very own views on the show. Could it be growing? Is it well went to for the price? You can have the actual ‘best in show remain prize’ but if no one can there be it will not make you feel much better. Small shows can be very effective, but attendance is likely to be restricted, huge events may be fascinating with lots of visitors, but if nobody can find you then they can be a costly waste of time.


Start in the beginning. It seems obvious, but we all wait until the last moment and end up rushing the whole thing. You will see lots to do when the display starts, so avoid waiting until the last moment to perform the work.

Most exhibition organizers will provide a manual having a checklist that can be very helpful in reminding you when crucial actions are required. Here is a report on some other essential things to consider.

e Budget. Make sure you have an obvious budget broken down into several categories such as; stand charge; cost of the floor space; companies; equipment; graphics; show campaign and marketing; travel along with shipping; hotels and subsistence, and so on. This will help you locate any potential over expend and keep the costs from working away from you.

o Workers. Make a personnel list in the beginning and agree on a plan with those involved in order that they know when they are required and double book themselves.

e Hotels. Use your personnel prefer to book accommodation, waiting before the week before can be high-priced or mean you have to vacation a long way to reach the convention hall. In the extreme, a number of companies will book motels 3 years in advance for a critical trade event!

o Tools. Decide what you are going to demonstrate and place any production orders placed with time to spare. Your colleagues will not thank you for making them 2 weeks to make something that usually takes 6, especially when they know you budgeted to do this event 6 months before. If you are launching a new product or service make sure everyone is constantly told of your timetable and is aware of what they have to have finished through when.

o Shipping. Have you been shipping the equipment a long way? It could need to leave a month ahead of the exhibition start date. Choose much you are going to ship and also agree when it needs to depart with your transport people.

a Stand design. If you can find the money for a professional design company and then brief them well in advance. Let them have details of your exhibits and the power requirements, if virtually any. They will prepare a complete design and style layout. With the CAD plans available now, this should include 3D IMAGES representations of how your stay will look. Show these to your colleagues as they may area problems you have overlooked.

a Graphics and brochures. Look at your stock and make sure you have all you need and they are in good condition. Re-ordering near the start date may be pricey or impossible for your dealer.

Your Stand

If you can choose your stand placement, think about where the visitors will probably be coming in and out of the hallway, where the main thoroughfares are usually, and if you are in the right section of the hall or halls. Provide an open stand design with at least 2 open sides whenever possible. Remember you want visitors, consequently, making it easy for them to come across you and approach you when they get there.

Leave living space for the people! Don’t packs out your stand with just about every product in your portfolio. Use a few critical pieces protected with graphics or laptop or computer-based information on those that aren’t there.

Graphics are meant to be attractive possibly but also to certainly and quickly inform persons walking by what it is that you do. We’ve all looked at snowboards full of text and have gone away before we’re 50 percent way through reading these individuals. We’ve also looked at a new stand and thought, My partner and I wonder what it could sell. Make sure your graphics bode well and are clear and to the point.

Lighting your stand effectively can enhance both the visuals and exhibits but remember, lighting can generate a lot of warmth and make it uncomfortable when they are too close to the stand employees and visitors.


Fewer is probably more in most stay designs. Don’t make items too cluttered, visitors are only going to be with you for a quick space of time, so they don’t need to experience everything your company offers in one go. Use exhibits to attract folks, not block them out there, and not for your sales team to cover behind. If you have equipment that might be shown working, think about the exact value that has. If every one of the moving parts is disguised. Then all it will complete is generate noise and grow of little value. Whether it is visually attractive, then getting a working display can be a great idea and will attract people to stop and look at you.

Staff members

Choose your team in the beginning and make sure you have plenty of team changes so that people keep on being fresh and enthusiastic. That does not mean packing out the stand-up with so many people that no shoppers can get through but having ample people to cover meal breaks and allow staff shifts.

Brief your team about the goal for the show, the kit or exhibits you wish to showcase, and the manner you wish to provide your company. Are you going to be proper or casual? Are you using the services of any specific staff for any event, such as an interpreter or magician? The people for the stand say just as much with regard to your company as the nuts in addition to bolts of the stand themselves. Make sure they know what is expected of them.


Suggest to people to the show. Bring the show’s logo to customer communications for the several months running up to the show. Transmit free tickets. Update your web page. Offer a free gift to get visitors to your stand. Complete everything you can to maximize how many visitors you receive. Don’t be worried about your competitors; use the indication to differentiate yourself from their store. It is not only the responsibility of the organizers to make the show profitable but also the exhibitors themselves.

During the Show

Have a stay timetable to show everyone if they are expected to be on duty and then when they are free to look around. Designate a stand manager for every single day. Have them start daily with a short stand appointment to ensure everyone is aware of the particular exhibits and that any concerns are highlighted for the day. Finish off each day with a short debriefing and discuss any exciting information that your team provides gathered or areas that usually need attention.

Ensure you provide an efficient lead-gathering method before the show. These people use it to effectively note the visitor’s particulars, their point(s) of interest, and their level of interest. Record just about all visitors, even people you realize who is stopping by to chat. This information will help you contrast how busy the demonstration was and how relevant the particular audience was. If non-e of your respective existing customers are there you could be at the wrong venue if you do not deliberately choose a new industry. 1000 business cards after the demonstration are useless if you don’t realize who wanted what; thus, make sure each day that the qualified prospects are counted and read to see everyone is making appropriate records.

Keep the stand (and the personnel) tidy and also clear of debris, such as java cups, briefcases, and also overcoats. Don’t get carried away even as customers can be afraid of perfect displays of literature that say, ‘don’t have one; I’ve just used an hour arranging them in this perfect fan motif.’

Don’t ignore people who take a look at you during the last hours of the affair, when everyone is tired and looking out forward to going home. People prospects still looking at the particular end of the exhibition do you have for a reason or they can have already left to avoid often the traffic. If they get to you last, it may be that they haven’t found the right call and have a natural lead in your case. Don’t be surprised if you find some good of the best leads right at the particular end of a show.

After doing that

Follow up on your leads instantly and ensure you track all their level of success. Many sales opportunities tend to go cold speedily, so you should have a priority process in place and ensure your workforce is in contact before the level of competition. Everyone will get back to their job and be bogged down by the accumulation of unanswered submissions in their inbox, so get them to follow up on the new sales opportunities you have just spent so much money to win.

Reliable leads go cold, record all those gathered within the show and added them to your database for future marketing and sales communications. Keep the show report to get a review at the next affair. Reviewing who you have been to last time it may assist you to decide if that event may be valued at repeating. The cost divided by the number of leads will also be a new comparative measure between that and other forms of marketing.


A well-run exhibition could (or may not) spend on itself in direct instructions that you wouldn’t have received if you hadn’t attended. However, this is not the only measure of success. The exhibition is also an excellent way to meet up with many customers and prospects, face to face, in a small space of time. Careful planning helps the chances of success, so spend some time and effort in the beginning because they can be expensive. This kind of cost will only increase after you leave your prep.

Guy Parker.

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