The best way to Write Amazon Product Report Descriptions


Amazon FBA, and customarily selling products on The amazon online marketplace platform, has quickly become total for a number of vendors – who all got in early and managed to cultivate visitors who wanted what they ended up offering.

To do this properly, you ought to be able to consider precisely what occur to are doing regarding the sale of goods and how they’re showcased.

Other than appealing photos, the information is the primary way people can gain insight directly into what the product does, how it works, and how it differs from other competing kinds.

This tutorial focuses on how you can manage the best Amazon product listing information…


Amazon product merchandise adheres to the same structure:

Features (Bullet Points)
Description (incl HTML)
Just what most people see in the Amazon online marketplace listing is the top part (Title, Images & Bullet Points) – the “meat” in the listing is the description, which may include basic HTML format.
To create an effective listing, the key is to be clear, concise, and thorough.

The best generally have clear, high-definition images in conjunction with informative & compelling topic points (centered on benefits) and a keyword-rich subject.

The natural killer is the “copy” used throughout the listing. Throughout the bullet points and the full description, being able to convey some great benefits of the product while ensuring you are compelled to buy your unique product is a fine line.

As a result of the nature of this copy, several copywriting experts have been producing severe money-providing “Amazon Product Listing” copywriting providers. They may help people make more money by creating more lucid documents.

How you can Do It Yourself

As mentioned, the above framework is pretty-much what decides whether Amazon will approve a product.

The most important thing to perform is understanding what “triggers” purchasers to trust your item.

When selling products, dealing with emotion is miles better than logic…

Logically, you may think the item can be listed, and people will undoubtedly pick it, evaluate this based on its features and create a purchase.
Emotionally, people select products by the company they feel will deliver an event as close to their dreams as possible.
Such examples because creating a “compelling” title (which has to list the different features of the product from the viewpoint of how it can be used) along with a “description” which showcases the way the product can fit into the actual buyer’s life will transform much higher than simply listing the characteristics of the product. Remember, most people are buying the development have an ulterior reason… highlighting exactly how it will push them to this underlying result will make the main difference between purchasing the product and not really.
To this end, the following points out how each of the elements of typically the description work:


What is essential is to ensure a product’s concept is as illustrative as possible.

Several products (such as books) don’t need overly illustrative titles. However, the majority of classes do require the most descriptive concept possible.

Consider the following cases:

AYL Silicon Cooking Safety gloves – Heat Resistant Cooker Mitt For Grilling, DISTINCT VARIATIONS ., Kitchen – Safe Coping with Pots and Pans – Preparing food & Baking nonslip Potholders – Internal Protective Silk cotton Layer
AYL Silicon Preparing food Gloves (Green) – High-temperature Resistant Oven Mitt and Internal Cotton Layer
Proving that the top concept converts higher.
The reason for this is straightforward – people have confidence in the more descriptive nature of computers.

In a wash of dozens and dozens of similar products, individuals want quality, value, and assurance that the company driving the development will be genuine. Having a descriptive, inclusive name as the top one is one of the most effective ways to do it.


Images are essential for getting products noticed.

The actual keys with images tend to be as follows:

Clarity is *everything* – don’t worry about any kind of background — people want to see the quality of the item and expect 4k+ images to show it
Only display what’s required – software program products don’t “need” the box, but they’ll undoubtedly add to the perception of the quality — people mainly need to see screenshots.
Ensure the images represent *exactly* what the particular buyer is getting – avoid using tricks/hacks to make the item look better than what it is — show people the thing & accessories which may include it.
You must talk to the photographer if you’re not very good with photographs.
Alternatively, there are businesses on the likes of Fiverr that can also set up a great shot.

The point is that this should be alright if you have ~5 great images.

Features (Bullet Points)

This is when things start to get critical.

The characteristics (bullet points) are meant to explain the item’s specifications; they’re now mainly utilized to provide users with advice about the product (copy).

Regardless of what jots down there, there are several factors to consider:

Cover features inside benefits — Rather than saying “15cm long”, say “3 HANDY DIMENSIONS – 5cm, 10cm, and 15cm”
Include ALL five bullets – it might be attractive to only use 3 — use all of them five along with talk about the company & “guarantee” for the last one.
Lead using “CAPITALIZED” benefits – potential buyers want to know what the product is planning to do for them, and then why rapidly you do this with “CAPITALIZED TITLES – followed by a conclusion of each point.”
Don’t be reluctant to use several sentences per bullet – some merchandise needs the features listed; if you require an extra edge, add backup.

Focus on the product (not typically the buyer) – beginners stumble through the mistake of leading using buyer-centric benefits (because they read it in some writing forum) – this is awful. People are on Amazon to acquire products, not learn precisely how an oven glove will make these people look younger, etc.
Earlier, suppose you were looking at developing a sound system. In that case, you need to be able to encourage buyers that your company is rapidly and by virtue – your products are trustworthy and premium quality.
The way you do that is to help make as much use of the available written content area as possible.


Eventually, the description is the majority of content below all the features laid out “above the fold.”

Depending on the type of product, along with whether you have a new manufacturer or established company, typically the “description” area can be a a few different things.

It’s best to consider it just like a product listing page on eBay, showcasing what’s for sale. Minus graphics, a similar state of affairs exists (you can use limited amounts of CSS in it).

The most important thing to appreciate is that you’re not restricted to only bullet points (as you are while using product features) – not only does this gives a little more creative liberty. This means you need to ensure you’re making the correct alternatives…

Lead with the SINGLE good reason that people would buy YOUR merchandise over a competitor’s – promoting / sales 101. nevertheless, it’s so easy to ignore it. There’s always a SINGLE good reason that people buy a particular product (it can be the quality, design, or maybe how it works)
Business lead with a headline, use a bit of blurb to describe the item, and then use several topic points to tell what the purchaser will get – you get ~300 words; therefore, don’t go overboard.
Pick an excellent emotive angle – The very best product is sold through feelings – use copy that evokes ideas of how the item will fit into someone’s living.
Use HTML sparingly — bold text is fine, but not the defining element of your product – avoid going overboard with the stylization (it should compliment the duplicate, not define it)
Suggested Resources
If you’re brand new to the Amazon game, remember that nothing will replace having an efficient product.

How you display claimed products is also extremely important, like reviews.

To get a better awareness, there are several excellent resources:

Levi Newman on Fiverr (also try to find “Embrava” on Amazon to get examples of his work)
split – “The Ultimate The amazon online marketplace Product Description Template” (excellent information)
The point is that in case you’re looking to list often new or existing solutions – it pays to ensure that they occur to use the most effective techniques to generate trust, desire, and assurance in your buyers.

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