The best way to Run an Inflatable Fort Business

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How to run a Bouncy Castle Hire business

If you would like to make some extra money for your family members you should consider starting a Jumping Castle Hire business. This way, you can stay working at the full-time job and run your own hire business by operating part-time and at the week-ends


We recommend that you include the business as a limited organization. This will allow the creation of a separate legal identity for the business. This is of excellent significance in the event of a legal state for damages being made through somebody who says that they had been hurt using your castle. The good news is, those situations are very exceptional but you should protect yourself on your own legally just in case.


This is an excellent business part-time and the advantages can be high. We would not necessarily recommend renting out these people as a full-time business throughout Ireland because turnover is usually affected by the weather. Obviously in the event that operating in a country where the state is warmer could be a regular business


You get to delight young children and help parties run effortlessly when you run a type of business. The look of joy and requirement on children’s faces once the “Bouncing Castle Man” arrives is priceless.


I remember the five-year-old child one day requesting me if I had kids. When I told him which i had four he stated with a very serious face that they must be the luckiest little ones in the world because they could use a jumping castle each time they wanted.

The monetary benefits and cash flow can be outstanding but meeting kids such as this makes it an emotionally wealthy experience.


We would advise that you would only hire away bouncing castles for use by children rather than adults. There is certainly much greater demand for children’s castles and you can expect trouble in case your bouncy castle hire company rents out castles to use by adults.


We would suggest that you would start your business along with three castles. Buy a big castle with a slide (16ft x 14 ft) as well as two without a slide (14ft x 12ft). Charge EUR120 for the castle with the slip and EUR100 for the regular castles.


Give a 10% decrease for off-peak uses (Mon to Thursday). Typically the inflatable with the slide can appeal to older kids and oldsters who have larger gardens. The normal castles are more suitable for employment by smaller kids and oldsters who have smaller gardens.


Young children have birthdays every single day of the year and jumping castles appeal to kids from the involving 2 to 13. In the winter and autumn, their mother and father can hire a hop house for the back garden. During the cold months and spring, parents may hire a community hall or even a church hall to hold the actual party and accommodate the actual castle.
In our experience, the leasing season is from spring to October. Children like using moonwalks outside in their gardens rather than indoors.

Your own personal customer will almost always be described as a woman in her 30s or early forties. That they book the company, organise typically the parties and look after the amusement for the kids.


When you are setting up your company will get business because of word of mouth and repeat company. Every business needs publicity, however, especially a new business. Exactly what options would we suggest?


An option you could do would be to take out a paid advertisement in your local Yellow Pages/Golden Pages Directory, under the group, “Bounce Houses and Inflatables”. You will have to pay an even more major cost if you want to have an encased or big ad, to provide you stand out from the market. We found that an encased ad does get you considerably more business but you have to weigh whether the extra cost is definitely recouped in extra profit.


A much better option for you could well be that you would get free of charge listing in the Golden Web pages where they just store your business name and amount and create your own website to be able to publicise your hire enterprise.


The website you create for your inflatable hire business is merely restricted by your imagination. Try not to be under an illusion that will be an easy option. You might only succeed if you take the time to develop your website. Consuming this option is a much better value idea than passively paying for an encased ad in your local Glowing Pages.


The website will give you plenty of opportunities to presell your bounce house hire business to be able to prospective customers in your particular physical area. You could get visitors in the beginning to your new jumping fort hire business website by making use of pay per click methods of advertising. This allows cheap warm leads of course, if done well can be very successful. When traffic to your website boosts you could add another revenue stream by placing AdSense ads on your site. This specific money will significantly help to host the costs of your web page.

Below is a list of stuff, which you will need to start a bouncy castle business:


1) Get Castle, rain cover, electric power fan, mallet and single point stakes.
2) Van to get transport to the castle. Profit a Ford Transit.
3) Ground sheet to protect the bottom of the bouncer.
4) Electricity extension cable (25 instructions 30 meters long).
5) RCD circuit breaker. (Safety cutout device).
6) Safe practices mat to put in front of the castle
7) Local lane map of your town and it is the surrounding area
8) Substantial A4 size desk work schedule for taking bookings (1 Webpage to a day).
9) Journal book for recording takings and expenses etc.
10) Public Liability Insurance cover. We all strongly recommend one million euros because of the minimum.
11) Safety training sheet
12) Customer palinode form
13) A cart
14) Mobile phone in the label of the company
15) A business bank account


We would recommend that you get your castles for your moonwalk hire company from a reliable manufacturer. Your new bouncing castles should have at least a 1 month guarantee. Make sure that a minor fix kit is included in the tariff of the castles. Do not get a second-hand inflatable for your corporation unless you are very experienced in addition to knowing what to look out to get in relation to things like stitching.


Solely rent out to householders getting a party in their house or a neighbourhood hall. That way lessens the odds of anything going wrong and you learn there will be proper adult administration of the playing in the adventure. Avoid renting out on fetes or to community communities as this significantly increases the possibilities of something going wrong. There is significantly less supervision at these functions and your business might rue taking the booking.


Bouncing fort hire companies in Eire are very busy every Sunday in May. The reason for this is certainly that this is the month that will 8-year-old children make their particular first holy communion. That is a very important event for the little one and their family.


The way it can be normally celebrated is that the loved ones, relatives and the celebrating loved ones bring out friends to lunchtime. Later in the day, the particular party is continued in the home with the child and there is a tradition regarding hiring an inflatable castle to help keep the children amused.


Parents will often have to hire the castle from the previous December if they are in order to avoid disappointment. Parents having their particular first child for accord, often do not realise that is the story and can at times leave it too late to hire. They don’t make the same mistake in terms of hiring their succeeding children.


Suggest to disappointed mothers and fathers that they hire the moving castle for the Sunday. Refuse the urge to increase your value at this time. The customer will take into account having to pay over the odds. They won’t use your business again all of which will not recommend you to other individuals. When taking telephone reservations for your business you should be sure that there is sufficient side admission to the back garden. Believe my family, there is nothing worse than looking to bring a moonwalk by using a customer house.


Hirers probably cancel bookings. The first thing in order to do after hiring an individual is to tell their child they may have booked. They are not then gonna turn around and cancel the approaching up to the big day.


Do not take money in advance unless you are paying by cheque. Enable two weeks to have cheques eliminated. Assure the hirer that there is no cancellation fee. From our experience, the only way that they’ll cancel the hire purchase is pouring rain.


From the beginning of our business, we were continually checking the weather forecast and also advising customers. We do not do this following an unpleasant incident where we phoned, in addition, to advise a customer that the temperature forecast was very undesirable and did she need to cancel the bouncy adventure hire at no cost to her. The woman asked us if we ended up refusing to deliver the bouncy castle, completely missing and our good goals. We delivered the bouncy castle. It rained ceaselessly for the day and they got little or no use out of the bouncy adventure hire. When I returned the woman said that she should have taken in and now realised that we were thinking of her best interests. Allow it totally up to her when she wants to cancel the particular bouncy castle hire. You might even, like us, include a page to our bouncy fort hire website where customers can check the weather outlook eight days into the future.


We all recommend that you always put up the particular bouncy castles in the backside gardens of the hirer. This permits her to have a greater handle over who uses the machine and from your perspective restricts the possibility of outsiders to the gathering getting on the bouncy adventure unit.


When you arrive at often the party check with the hirer as to where exactly the woman wants the bouncy adventure to be positioned. Make sure that the place is grassed and big ample for the bouncy castle.


We are had situations where a lot more had to take down clothes outlines and dig up plants as well as shrubs to allow the bouncy castle to be put up. Hirers will do anything to make the bouncy castle they have hired suits because they will have told your child that the bouncy castle is actually booked. They will not want to have to show around and tell the little one that they have had to cancel typically the bouncy castle hire obtain because the space is small compared to what they thought.


Do not be astonished if your customer wants typically the bouncy castle moved introduced up, as she might not exactly have factored in such things as having the capacity to see what is going on in the house.


Get paid when the bouncy castle is set up to your ex’s satisfaction and get her for you to sign two copies on the disclaimer form. Give your ex back one copy to have the other on file. Refer to cash as cheques may bounce or be halted. If taking cheques you need them to send to your bouncy castle hire business tackle two weeks in advance so that they tend to be cleared by the time of the reserving.


Show the hirer how everything works and point out the various things that can go wrong unless of course the children are properly monitored while playing on the bouncy castle. Make sure that she has her own mobile no in case something goes wrong during the bouncy castle hire.

Call back at the agreed time or a small later. The children will always 1 more bounce on the bouncy castle, so there will be much less resentment if you arrive after the agreed time.


Young children love giving a hand defeating, folding and putting away typically the bouncy castle. This should always be encouraged provided that you make sure they will come to no injury while giving you a hand. Make certain everything went well and once the bouncy castle is usually put away give her some sort of EUR5 voucher off just about any future bouncy castle work with. Give her business cards for virtually any mother who was at the bash who may want to contact your bouncy castle hire company in the foreseeable future.

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