Is NCERT exemplar helpful for competitive exams?

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To prepare for your dream career, the students need to work hard. Especially after the 12th, many students prepare for entrance exams like JEE mains or JEE advanced. But the competition level is so high that the students have to prepare for it very hard. It is important to seek help from the NCERT books to qualify for it. These books are designed as per the CBSE patterns. Also, there are NCERT exemplars which are practice books, including a higher level of additional questions.

The NCERT exemplar problems will help in giving in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and basics. The NCERT exemplar books will contain conceptual sums that cover all the topics per the CBSE guidelines and competitive exams like JEE Advanced and JEE mains. So it is always considered beneficial to go for these books. Also, the CBSE question paper sometimes consists of questions from NCERT textbooks. Once you are done with the NCERT textbook, it is always said to start with NCERT exemplars. NCERT exemplars are a great way to solve complex problems. If you are done with the basics, you can easily go with the preparation from these exemplars.

Following are some of the points clearing if NCERT exemplar is helpful for competitive exams or not:

  • Enhances ability to solve complex problems- There is no doubt that with the NCERT exemplar, you will be able to solve complex problems. NCERT exemplar will include tough and tactical questions which will be hard to solve. This difficulty comes in entrance exams like JEE advanced or JEE mains. To meet this level, the NCERT exemplar will help you out. Not only for JEE, but these books will be helpful to ace other competitive exams as well in India.
  • Improves accuracy- The NCERT exemplar will help improve accuracy in solving the questions. You will confidently solve the questions, which will also help increase your solving speed. So with this, you will be able to complete your exam efficiently and effectively.
  • Strong basics- Strong basics will help you solve the tough questions very easily. Having a strong base will help you to get a clear understanding. Cramming the topics never goes a long way, but deep understanding will always help you in the long run. NCERT exemplar will help you retain the issues with deep knowledge and help you understand the reason behind everything.
  • CBSE pattern- Know that the question paper or the solved solution in the NCERT exemplar is per the CBSE guidelines or practice. This will help the student to prepare as per the CBSE guidelines. This will reduce the stress as the student will already be prepared and well-versed in how to give the exam.
  • Both for boards and entrance exams- Not only for the competitive exams, but NCERT exemplar is great for commissions. It will help you to prepare for the 10th boards and 12th boards as well as for competitive exams as well. Although for panels, you can rely on this, for competitive exams, along with NCERT exemplar, you have to take references from other books. On average, the competitive exam like JEE advanced and JEE mains, only 30% of the exam will come from NCERT exemplar.
  • Reliable information- The NCERT exemplar is highly reliable as this is designed by experienced teachers and professionals who are well aware of the CBSE question paper pattern. They know how the questions can appear in the exam and how they should be solved to attain full marks. You can rely on the NCERT exemplar for both boards and competitive exams. Also, know that before coming onto the NCERT exemplar, you have to do proper practice from NCERT textbooks. Once you think you are done with the basics, you can start with the NCERT exemplar, i.e., meant to be a bit higher from texts.

So above are some reasons highlighting if NCERT exemplar will help the students with their competitive exams. You can easily get them from any online space and even download them in pdf form. So you can revise them as well as many times you feel like.

One of the best websites to get study material of NCERT exemplar is ‘Infinity Learn. It helps students build a conceptual foundation that is important to crack the competitive exam. Starting from class 6 to class 12, it covers all. All the major subjects like mathematics, social science, physics, etc., are surrounded by them and provided under one roof. It will provide well-explained and easy-to-understand NCERT exemplar solutions, making the learning process easy. This way, you will achieve good grades and become a master in solving complex issues.

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