Yama (Hinduism)


In Hindu mythology, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) is the lord of loss of life, first recorded within the Vedas. Yama belongs to an early stratum of Indo-Iranian theology. In Vedic custom Yama was thought of to have been the primary mortal who died and espied the best way to the celestial abodes, thus in advantage of priority he turned the ruler of the departed. In some passages, nonetheless, he’s already thought to be the god of loss of life. Yama’s identify may be interpreted to imply “twin”, and in some myths he’s paired with a twin sister Yamī.
Yama is assisted by Chitragupta who’s assigned with the duty of preserving full information of actions of human beings on the earth, and upon their loss of life deciding to have them reincarnated as a superior or inferior organism, relying on their actions on the earth (Karma).

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