Why to Imagine in Vedas? II three sorts of Hindu Books II Sanatan Questions – 25


Numerous religions on the earth have their particular person sacred books. Our Sanatan dharma is an amalgamation of an enormous number of books. A religious aspirant could discover it tough to vouch for the everlasting content material based mostly on peripheral studying of those sacred books. As God is everlasting, so is his data. Data is everlasting in nature, however manifested by God himself through the time of creation.
Poojaniya Raseshwari Deviji presents the assorted classes of our everlasting scriptures. With a philosophical instance, she explains the mysteries of the Vedas. As a religious seeker – Which ebook should we begin studying? What are the Vedas? Why we should learn the Vedas? Are a few of the questions that her holiness addresses with the tip of the video.

Watch until the tip as Poojaniya Deviji solutions this necessary adhyatmik question.

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