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Why Ought to You Be taught the Actual Historical past of Hinduism?


Why is it essential for all #Hindus to be taught and discover the actual, true Historical past of Hinduism and India?

It’s extra than simply about studying info or who killed who. It’s about exploring your tradition, your heritage, the place you come from, who have been your ancestors.
If the richness, glories, greatness of your previous, your very hopes and desires, your targets in life will probably be totally different.Your world view will probably be totally different.

Historical past repeats itself, however not precisely the identical approach – it’s packaged for present instances. Information of the previous and the way we failed, how we succeeded, why we failed, why we succeeded is all related to know what is occurring on the planet now and what we should always do about it.

If you do not know the reality, any variety of lies will be fed to you and you’ll now not know that you’re being lied to! Slowly, your complete life will probably be a lie, with out you figuring out about it.

Be taught historical past from authentic works, accounts which haven’t been adulterated. Interpretations & variations have their very own place, however can’t be used a reference for historic occasions.
If you wish to refute some info on historical past that I make, deliver me historic proof, else I cannot reply.
Welcome to share real questions.


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