Why Hinduism Champions Vegetarianism as an Support to Samadhi


An in depth have a look at why the Hindu system of Yoga emphasizes a pure vegetarian or “sattvic food regimen”, as essential to the attainment of “Samadhi” or God-realization.

Whereas watching the video please be aware that the next phrases are synonymous, all of them imply the identical factor: Samadhi = God Realization = Self-Realization = Soul Realization.

Urged Additional Studying:
1. Swami Abhedananda’s speech on “Why a Hindu is a Vegetarian”

2. Swami Chinmayananda “On Vegetarianism”

3. “Apply of Brahmacharya” by Swami Sivananda

4. “Apply of Faith”, Full Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol 4.

5. “Absolute & Manifestation”, Full Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol 2.

6. “Conversations And Dialogues”, Full Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vol 7.

Photos used on this presentation belong to the general public area. Many because of the next web sites for preserving these pictures:
1. Portray of Sita within the Ashram of Valmiki, courtesy LACMA.

2.Portray of sage receiving Choices from a girl, courtesy LACMA.

3. Mom Parvati worshipping Lord Shiva, courtesy LACMA.

4.Portray of Lord Krishna @ The British Museum page=1

5. Portray of Sage Valmiki composing Ramayana, courtesy Wikipedia

6. Portray of Sage Narada visiting Rishi Valmiki, courtesy Wikipedia

7. Picture of galaxies current shortly after the Massive Bang, courtesy Wikipedia

8. Illustration of an Atom, courtesy Wikipedia


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