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Why Do Indian Brahmins Hold A Shikha Or A Choti – Significance of a Choti – Hindu Custom


Why Do Brahmins Put on A Choti On Their Head?

Our human physique has seven power centres, or chakras, ranging from the primary one on the base of the backbone generally known as the Mooladhara Chakra, to the seventh and final – the Sahasrara Chakra, which suggests the thousand petalled lotus. The kundalini is a snake like refined power mendacity coiled on the base chakra, which by means of yogic train might be made to uncoil and stand up by means of the chakras, lastly reaching the one on the high, the Sahasrara. The enlightened Grasp is one who has achieved the deepest realization of life, and his kundalini would have crossed the shikha, masking the a part of the cranium whereby lies the ultimate chakra, and reached the Sahasrara Chakra.

Sushrut rishi, the eminent surgeon of Ayurveda, describes the grasp delicate spot on the top as Adhipati Marma, which is the place the nexus of all nerves is. It’s the shikha that protects this important spot. Under within the mind is positioned the Brahmarandhra, the place the sushumnã (nerve) arrives from the decrease a part of the physique. In yoga, Brahmarandhra is the centre of knowledge, and the knotted shikhã helps increase this centre and preserve its refined power, generally known as ojas.

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