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Why are Hindu Gods so Human? (Hinduism Vs Christianity & Islam)


Once we look by means of the scriptures of Hinduism, the assorted deities seem to show terribly human qualities. God is meant to be all highly effective, however Gods resembling Krishna and Rama present feelings resembling worry, grief and anger. Hindus are typically snug with this concept, however can discover it tough to justify this to Christians and Muslims.
It’s because Abrahamic traditions by in massive do not need the idea of ‘Leela’ or Divine play. That is the place God takes on limitation for the endearment of His devotees. By showing human and even fallible, the Lord attracts us right into a relationship with Him. By that relationship we’re taken to a deeper understanding of His glory.
Hindus wish to expertise God, whereas Abrahamic religions wish to survive God and the approaching apocalyptic day of judgement.
This root distinction accounts for why Hindus be happy to take pleasure in and commit themselves to the Leelas of God. For the devotee, the best state is to understand their unconditional love for the Divine.


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