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Who’s Supreme God in Hinduism- कौन है परमात्मा? Hinduism Explored


Who’s Supreme God in Hinduism- कौन है परमात्मा? Hinduism Explored.
Who precisely is the supreme god, in Hinduism? Was he Vishnu? Was he Shiva? Was he Brahma? Was he Indra? was she Devi? Or, was it Brahman? On this video, I ‘m going to let you know about true identification of, some accepted supreme god of Hinduism, based on Hindu scripture. Till now, if you happen to ask any Hindu, what’s the identify of the supreme god? Some say, it’s Krishna. Some are very confused between trimurti. and those that have any form of information about scripture, they may say, the identify of supreme god of Hinduism is, Brahman. And this identify is extensively accepted by Hindus. This Brahman is the supply of each god, demi gods, and every little thing we see, or don’t see. There is no such thing as a one above Brahman. Okay. Let’s simply agree for a minute. Now, let’s learn some Hindu scripture to know in regards to the true identification of god, or, who precisely this Brahman is.

lord Vishnu (विष्णु): The Created Supreme god

lord Visnu (विष्णु): The Servant of Indra

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