What You Need to Know About Train Ticket Booking


If you are planning a train trip, you will find yourself in need of a train ticket. You can buy one from your local railway station or you can opt for online train ticket booking. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before booking a train ticket.

Can you board a train with an unreserved ticket?

Some trains require reservations. The benefits of a reservation can be useful on certain routes, but not on others.

You can find out if a train requires a reservation by checking RealTimeTrains. These sites also show you when the train is scheduled to arrive. They can be a good resource if you are planning a last minute journey.

When it comes to high-speed trains, many countries require a reservation. This can be a good idea if you are traveling during peak travel times.

There are several ways to get a seat reservation, including on the Caledonian Sleeper, the Glacier Express, Nightjet, and the Eurail Global Pass.

Can you cancel a train ticket after the date of departure?

You can change your reservation online or via the Amtrak app. However, changes are subject to the specific rules for the fare you have purchased. If you want to cancel your reservation, you must do so within four minutes of the scheduled departure time.

For tickets purchased online, you will be able to access the refund page to submit a request. Once this request has been submitted, the money will be refunded to your account. Refund checks will be sent to you within 30 days. Depending on the amount refunded, it may be deposited in your bank account or mailed to you.

Changing your reservation online or by phone is free. However, it is important to keep in mind that some reservations are nonrefundable, like Sleeper Accommodation tickets. To avoid this, you must purchase your ticket in advance.

IRCTC tickets are the face of India’s online train ticket booking system

If you are planning to travel by train, you might have come across the Indian Railways Online Ticket Booking Service or IRCTC. It is a government-run ticketing system which allows you to book a ticket for your journey. The website is slow and the process can be tedious at peak hours.

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, there are mobile apps for IRCTC. You can also use a travel agent to make the booking for you. However, you might have to pay a commission to them.

During peak seasons, tickets can sell out quickly. So, you should always be prepared to book your ticket months in advance.

MakeMyTrip is the leading portal for making your IRCTC ticket booking

If you are looking for the best way to make your IRCTC ticket booking, you have come to the right place. MakeMyTrip is one of the most popular portals to book train tickets online.

The website and mobile application of MakeMyTrip are easy to use and provide a comprehensive set of train booking options. It’s important to choose your boarding point, destination, and category of travel. After that, you can check the live train status. You can also check the availability of a particular train and choose the seat of your choice.

MakeMyTrip also provides train alternates, a refund policy, and free travel insurance. All these options are available to you, and you can even get a refund at the station. Depending on your location, you can access the service on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Paytm is a secure train ticket booking solution

When you’re planning a trip, a train ticket booking solution can save you a lot of time and money. Paytm, one of the largest Indian e-commerce companies, offers a convenient and secure way to book your train tickets. It also offers a variety of other services like flight and bus bookings.

If you’re looking to travel in India, you can easily book your train tickets using Paytm’s in-house app. The application allows you to choose a route and seat, while giving you detailed information about the station and the train. In addition, it provides live train tracking and PNR status.

You can also use the application to recharge your mobile phone and postpaid bill payment. Paytm also supports a wide range of online transactions, including flight and hotel bookings, and shopping.

Standby tickets are not allowed on trains

If you have never tried to fly standby, then you may not know what to expect. There are many airlines that offer standby flights, but each has its own set of rules and regulations. For instance, some may not allow basic economy fares to qualify for standby.

Standby tickets are typically offered at a discount. A typical ticket is 10% of the full standard economy class fare. Some airlines waive the fee for business classes.

One of the most common reasons people opt to buy a standby ticket is when they cannot make their flight. In such cases, a standby ticket can be the best bet. However, you need to be prepared to wait a while.