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What’s the Distinction Between Bhakti or Devotion & Religion? | Hinduism Information


Bhakti is the love that flows from you to your Bhagwan or Ishta, with none motive. It’s you resonating with your personal highest chance, out of your very core. It can’t be defined logically.

Whereas “religion” is an Abrahamic time period, which TELLS you to consider one thing or settle for one thing.

Religion is imposed on you.
Devotion can’t be stopped in you.

We’ve sufficient tales of saints who withstood quite a few atrocities simply by dint of their deep bhakti for his or her Ishta devata.

Dilution and inter-mixing of phrases, to tear off the that means off Bhakti and challenge it as nothing greater than some silly, shallow religion, is the work of missionaries and Breaking-Hinduism Forces.


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