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What Is Maya in Hinduism? And Who Is The Supply?


Yesterday I used to be requested to elucidate the Sanskrit phrase ‘maya’, generally translated as phantasm…the mist that deludes our expertise of actuality. In Hinduism and on the religious path we hear maya referenced very often, however what does it actually imply?

This world we’re experiencing on earth, within the bodily human physique, is phantasm. It’s like life is one huge leela, or play. This does not take away life’s which means; in actual fact, realising we’re greater than the physique offers our expertise of human delivery a a lot deeper understanding.

Maya is simply as auspicious as anything. From a Western understanding of God, this does not make sense: we solely know God as Generator, Operator, Destroyer. However there are 2 extra roles God performs within the Hindu understanding, that are Liberator and Deluder. My guru Swamiji explains fantastically that one of many Supply/Shiva’s position because the cosmic consciousness is to intentionally put us into delusion…

…Merely in order that we are able to understand who we actually are! That is one huuuge divine sport set as much as assist us come to enlightenment itself. We neglect who we’re, in order that we are able to keep in mind who we’re 🙂

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