Hinduism Beliefs

What’s Karma? Hinduism Half 2


An introduction to science of Time in Hinduism.
by- USciencesAT (a youtube channel)


Few Fast Information:
Hinduism is not a faith,
Hindus aren’t Hindus however Aryans, Time period Hindu coined by arabs as they could not pronounce indu, Indus valley civilization.
Sadly Hitler was obsessive about the phrase “Aryan” and Sanskrit,
All math numbers and all of Advance math got here type India, Arabic numerals are a modified written font of Indian numerals,
India/Hinduism has nobody spiritual guide, since its not a faith, its Vedas “definition:data/handed down knowledge”are principally poetic tales which has knowledge of Math, Physics, Astronomy, Medical , Dance, Music and different sciences combined in, though there are four distinct Vedas. Quite a lot of that are scientifically confirmed.
Indians don’t thoughts visiting locations of worship of different religions, praying to them and so on,
Indians take into account all religions similar.
*Quite a lot of Indian names and phrases have “a” on the finish or starting, which shouldn’t exist and are not pronounced , was added by British in nearly each single phrase.
*Rama is Ram, Karma is – ‘Okay’ ‘half r’ ‘m’ – Krm “literal definition: work, true definition is a phrase not a single phrase”
India has about 26+ official languages and about 1000+ unofficial Languages a few of that are Oral solely and cannot be written.
Indian sub continent is extremely divided into numerous cultures and traditions, North isn’t similar as Central, South or East West, Vice Versa!
Two religions got here from Hinduism – Jainism and Buddhism each very related.


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