Hinduism Beliefs

what’s hinduism beliefs | क्या अप जानते हये १० बाते हिन्दू धर्म के बारे मे?

i’m kishan kalavadiya say about what’s hinduism beliefs क्या अप जानते हये १० बाते हिन्दू धर्म के बारे मे? |

Hinduism, the faith of over a billion individuals, is the world’s oldest faith and essentially the most complicated one to non-Hindus. It makes billions of individuals all over the world ask, What’s Hinduism? Some say it isn’t even a faith, extra a lifestyle. Hindus themselves name it Sanātana Dharma, the everlasting custom. So what’s Hinduism, does YOLO apply to them, and who’s that elephant god?

Hinduism is the world’s oldest energetic faith. It is the results of the merging of the traditional Indus Valley civilisation and nomads that got here into India round 1500BC. Some students say it might even return many extra hundreds of years.

Hinduism has an extended lengthy historical past. However in the present day we’ll be focusing simply on the core beliefs of Hindus as a result of I haven’t got the willpower to animate a 3-hour video.

Hinduism is so numerous, so deep, and means so many alternative issues to completely different individuals. Studying even the fundamentals of this fascinating and historic faith offers us an perception into the worldview of over a billion individuals.

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