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What’s Dharma? The everlasting query requested by fools and clever alike!

This verse from Manusmriti provides a succinct definition.

धृतिः क्षमा दमोऽस्तेयम् शौचमिइन्द्रियनिग्रहः |
धीर्विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो दशकम् धर्मलक्षणम् || ६.९२

Dhritih kshamaa damo-asteyam shoucham indriya nigrahah
Dhirvidyaa satyamkrodho dashakam dharmalakshanam

Persistence, Forgiveness, Mastery over the thoughts, non stealing, Purification (internal & outer), mastery over the senses, intranalyzing & introspection, information, reality, no anger – these are the ten indicators of “dharma.”

On this video I clarify all of the nuances of Dharma, and the actual which means of every of those qualities.
In Hinduism, it isn’t motion alone, however the context of an motion as properly that’s of nice significance.

This verse explains what context you have to be carrying to LIVE dharma.


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