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What Occurs when Gods Sleep? – Story of Matsya Avatar Of Lord Vishnu


Gods too sleep, and worst issues might occur when gods sleep. On this video, I’ll clarify a incident the place god Brahma sleeps and what occurred subsequent.
There are 4 yugas which repeats in cycle order. The final yuga is Kali Yuga and a brand new cycle begins after the tip of kali yuga, ranging from satya yuga,

As soon as, the kali yuga ended, earlier than beginning the brand new cycle, lord brahma began to take a relaxation by sleep earlier than creating the subsequent cycle.

In the course of the center of his sleep, the demon referred to as Hayagriva stole the Vedas and conceal himself in a ocean in earth.

With out the vedas, the devas couldn’t do any yagas and asuras develop into extra highly effective.
Lord Vishnu, in an effort to save the world, took the avatar of fish. A sage referred to as Satyavarta was performing penance to Lord Vishnu close to a river. When he’s doing the prayer, he noticed a golden fish taking to him for asking assist to avoid wasting the fish from large predicators within the river.

The sage took the fish and stored in a tiny pot, the subsequent morning the sage was stunned to see the fish has grown huge to occupy the complete pot, shortly he transferred the fish into huge containers. The fish retains to develop, the sage transferred the fish into many huge containers however the fish retains on rising.
The sage then transferred the fish into the pond, however very quickly, the fish develop a lot bigger than pond, the sage lastly let the fish into the ocean. The sage requested the fish, “you’re now not a traditional fish, in every week span of time, you will have grown into such a bigger fish”. The fish revealed that the fish is a avatar of Vishnu and ordered the sage to choose one from all herbs and collect all residing issues and create an enormous ship to accommodate every thing.

The fish additionally warned the sage that a large flood goes to come back which is able to destroy the complete world. So the sage has to work on the gathering very quick.
The fish proceed to develop a lot bigger and bigger, then the fish lastly converts itself into Matsya Avathar (half Vishnu – head & physique and half fish – tail),

Lord Matsya discovered the demon Hayagriva and began battle with him and eventually retrieved the vedas from the demon by killing the demon.

Heavy rain began in earth, the flood began to happen, the sage managed to finish the development of the ship and gathered all residing issues and began to sail.

The flood was heavy and the ship began to lose its management. Lord Matsya referred to as the snake Vasuki for assist to behave as a rope. Lord Matsya pulled the rope and prevented the ship from carried away from flood.
After a while, lord Matsya managed to maneuver the ship to a protected place and life began to proceed once more.

The vedas have been returned to Lord Brahma as soon as once more.


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