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What occurs after demise in Hinduism as per garuda Purana – Unknown Details of Hinduism


What occurs after demise? the place can we go after we die? what occurs to a soul as soon as it leaves the fabric physique? what are the punishments one receives for his unhealthy Karma and so forth. watch this video to know all of the solutions.
Garuda Purana is Hindu epic books which is a Dialog between lord Garuda ( Automobile of Lord Vishnu) and Lord Vishnu.
Garuda asks in regards to the sins which may result in the punishment of hell and what sort of hells are there and the way do Yama( The Lord of demise) punish the sinned ought to after demise. and the way does a soul journey to hell or heaven after demise, what’s the distance between hell and earth and the place is the placement of hell or Yamaloka.
All these particulars are given in Garuda Purana with correct rationalization.
The after demise Hindu ritual Pinaddaan (पिंड दान) is taken into account crucial because it prepares a Physique for the soul and after the Tehravai (तेहरवी) how a soul goes to Yamaloka, the notorious Vetarni river (वैतरणी नदी )which is taken into account very robust and which is filled with the fierce animals. then notorious Solah Pur (सोलह पुर )
the importance of Donation for attaining heaven can be briefed in Garuda Purana with correct particulars. the significance of Fasts (व्रत ) can be briefed in Garuda Purana.


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