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Hinduism Questions & Solutions: What’s the sacred e book of Hinduism? What are the Vedas? Are the Vedas everlasting? Do they comprise the everlasting information of God? Are the Vedas the phrase of God?
On this episode of non secular Q&A with Swami Mukundananda get solutions to many such questions on non secular scriptures of the world & Hinduism, origin of the Vedas and their significance in our non secular life.

Relating the Vedas Swami Mukundananda explains, similar to whenever you get a machine you will have a handbook that explains the best way to use it, equally God has despatched us into this world and he has the handbook which is the sacred e book. Non secular traditions all over the world have their respective sacred books. Christianity has the Bible, Islam has the Quran, Judaism has the Torah, Taoism has the Tao Te Ching, Sikhism has the Guru Grantha Sahib, Buddhism has the Tipi Takas the three baskets of data and equally the Parsees have the Zend Avesta and many others equally the sacred e book of the Hindus is the Vedas.

Swami Mukundananda additional explains that the Vedas are everlasting and so they comprise the everlasting information of God. Identical to God is everlasting his information can also be everlasting. Ever since God has existed his information has existed. Our scriptures say that everlasting information of God is the Vedas. These Vedas was not the identify of e book, they referred to God’s information. Each time God engages in creation he manifests that information after which that information was coming down by way of the ears. The Guru would communicate it to his disciple, the disciple would hear it and cross it on to his disciple that’s how the Vedas had been coming down and since they had been coming by way of the ears and the ear known as Shruti therefore one other identify for the Vedas is Shruti. Nevertheless 5,000 years in the past Veda Vyasa who was an avatar of God himself he feltthat the folks of Kali Yug is not going to be Shruti-dhari, they won’t have the capability to listen to and keep in mind so he put that information right into a e book he wrote it down and that grew to become the bodily Vedas. The world too accepts the Vedas as essentially the most historical scripture in historical past, however as per the Vedas it’s an everlasting scripture which has ever existed. The Vedas discuss Sanatana-Dharma the everlasting faith, the everlasting rules, the interior science of the best way to purify your self, the best way to elevate your self, that’s Sanatana-Dharma and that’s now loosely being referred to as Hinduism.

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