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Wendy Doniger 'On Hinduism'


By means of this magisterial quantity which she calls “the e book of my books” Wendy Doniger, extensively acknowledged as one of many biggest and most authentic students of Hinduism, enlarges our understanding of an historic and sophisticated faith. Comprising a collection of linked essays, ‘On Hinduism’ examines most of the most important and contested points in Hinduism, from the time of the Vedas to the current day: Are Hindus monotheists or polytheists? Is it doable to reconcile pictures of god with qualities (saguna) and with out qualities (nirguna)? How can atheists be Hindu, and the way can unrepentant Hindu sinners receive salvation? Why have Hindus devoted a lot consideration to addictions, and why have they at all times been ambivalent about non-injury (ahimsa)? How have Hindu concepts about loss of life, rebirth and karma modified in the midst of historical past, and what do canines and cows inform us about Hinduism? How and beneath what situations does a pluralistic faith exceptional for its mental tolerance foster intolerance?

The e book closes with quick autobiographical essays during which Doniger appears to be like again upon her educational profession full with its Orientalist heritage, self-critiques and controversies and talks eloquently and movingly in regards to the affect of Hinduism on her personal philosophy of life.

Drawing upon Doniger’s writing over forty years, ‘On Hinduism’ is scholarship of the very best order, and a compelling evaluation of one of many worlds nice faiths.


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