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Visishta Advaita || Hinduism 35


This discuss relies on the books on Indian Philosophy, notably by S.C. Chatterjee and D.M. Dutta. For a greater understanding of the Grasp’s philosophy, listeners are suggested to go to supply of books. Any mistake within the discuss is inadvertent. The thought is to current the hyperlink of the grasp with Hindu faith, and to not expound his philosophy.

Ramanuja, the good thinker sage, was not glad with Acharya Shankara’s interpretation of the sacred texts. Holding in step with the traditional custom, he formalised the Visisihta Advaita system, which belongs to Bhakti college of Vedanta.
This collection of talks was delivered at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Belur Math, in 2017.
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