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Vedic Tour of our Universe and Past


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IGNORE THE GLOBE EARTH SITTING ON THE OCEAN – that is the animator’s personal hypothesis!
An animated tour of the Universe, and what lies past, in line with the traditional Vedic textual content “Srimad Bhagavatam”. Go to for extra info. The ideas offered listed below are discovered in lots of historic traditions, but the Vedic custom stays according to fashionable astronomy and cosmology. All credit score to Rupanuga Vedic School Publishing and Danavir Goswami (the writer/producer) for the majority of this animation. Splendid visuals and narration describe how the traditional mystics understand our poly-dimensional Universe, after which the realms that lie past it, unrestricted by time and area.
FLAT-EARTHERS ….. The Earth Globe proven on this video is a contemporary idea that’s not discovered within the authentic Sanskrit Vedas or Puranas. Learn my weblog for additional info:

Additionally view these different hyperlinks: “Vedic Theories of the Universe” Scientific Verification of Vedic Information.

Shyam – Pia [PIAS] The Prayer – Electrical Universe [INgrooves] New Dawns (a) – Kiong, Lee Chu [APM Music]

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