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Lord Surya – The Solar God is the foremost of 9 Navagrahas.
In accordance with Hindu Astrology, the Solar represents the self and has masculine power.
Surya bhagwan is the ruler of the zodiac signal Leo and the Lord of the celebs for Kritika, UttraPhalguni and uttrashada

The Solar God takes a month time to navigate every zodiac signal and he takes a yr to return round all of the 12 zodiac indicators.

The Solar is an impressive planet possessing the qualities of conscience, intelligence, individuality, braveness,Authorities, royalty, greater workplace, devotion to God, management capacity to resist struggling, immunity, Fame, self-reliance, liberal angle, honor, trustworthiness.
He signifies father standing of King holds energy and authority. Additionally Solar guidelines over respiration mouth throat, spleen in human physic.–c7.aspx?promo=YT_AV-service-fire-lab-homa

Different Names of Surya Dev:

God Surya is thought by a number of names like Mitra, Ravi, Bhanu, Khaga, Pusan, Marichi, Aditya, Savita, Arka, Bhaskara. He’s often known as Audent that means Self-Created.

Look of Lord Solar:

1. Lord Surya,The Solar is depicted with 4 palms holding lotus flower, conch, chakra (the talk about) and gundam (the mace).
2. He’s usually portrayed as using a chariot pushed by seven horses.
These seven horses could signify as follows,
· The seven colours of the rainbow.
· Seven chakra facilities within the human physique
· the seven days of the week.

Solar in Natal Chart:

If the Solar is when positioned within the natal chart, The Natal will probably be bestowed with intelligence, robust Will, character, Vitality, Authority, Braveness, confidence and management

Strongly Positioned:
If the Solar is just too strongly positioned, it’ll end in delight ego and overconfidence, self-centered, outshining everybody else and so forth.

Weakly Positioned:
If the Solar is Weakly Positioned, It might flip an individual right into a weak being, having insecurity, low vanity, make dominated by others, lack of power.

Surya Mantra:–P50.aspx?promo=YT_AV-planetary-fire-lab-sun-fire-lab-homa

The sacred textual content of Lord Surya is the ADITIYA HIRIDAYAM. By which he glorifies and reward him
· because the ruler of the universe
· Remover of all illnesses
· the repository of peace

Devotees imagine common chanting this Mantra will probably be useful in washing away of all sins dispel all doubts and take away worries and sorrows with the blessings of full prosperity.

Festivals Devoted to Lord Surya:
Pongal or Makara Sankranti, Ratha Saptami, Samba Dasami–P50.aspx?promo=YT_AV-planetary-fire-lab-sun-fire-lab-homa

Temples Devoted to Lord Surya:
There are lots of temple devoted to Surya Bhagwan. Essentially the most highly effective ones are the
· Suryanar Temple within the southern a part of India.
· The Konark Solar Temple within the northeast a part of India.

Day in a weak – Sunday
The dear Gem – Ruby
Vital flowers – Crimson Lotus, hibiscus, pink oleander
The Grain – wheat or damaged wheat
Shade – Crimson

With a purpose to achieve the blessings of the Surya Graha (Solar Planet), One should worship Solar day by day within the morning by his path and supply water to him and pay salutations by chanting Mantras.–P86.aspx?promo=YT_AV-9-Planets-Hearth-Lab-Homa

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