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Varna (Hinduism)

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“The one true knowledge is in realizing nothing.”
– Socrates

Varṇa (वर्णः) is a Sanskrit phrase which suggests kind, order, color or class. The time period refers to social lessons in Brahminical books just like the Manusmriti. These and different Hindu literature categorised the society in precept into 4 varnas:
Brahmins: monks, students and lecturers.
Kshatriyas: rulers, warriors and directors.
Vaishyas: agriculturalists and retailers.
Shudras: laborers and repair suppliers.Communities which belong to one of many 4 varnas or lessons are referred to as savarna. Within the present-day context, they embody all of the ahead castes. The Dalits and scheduled tribes who don’t belong to any varna, are referred to as avarna.This quadruple division is a type of social stratification to not be confused with the rather more nuanced Jāti or the European time period “caste”.The varna system is mentioned in Hindu texts, and understood as idealised human callings. The idea is usually traced to the Purusha Sukta verse of the Rig Veda.
The commentary on the Varna system within the Manusmriti is oft-cited. Counter to those textual classifications, many Hindu texts and doctrines query and disagree with the Varna system of social classification.


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