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vahanas of the hindu gods and hindu devas automobiles of hindu gods


vahanas of the hindu gods and hindu devas automobiles of hindu gods
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Vahanas of the Hindu Gods and Devas
All Gods have their very own vahanas or automobile to journey, lets see the listing.
God Vishnu– the protector of dharma – garuda
God Shiva – the destroyer of adhrama – nandi
God Brahma – god of creation – Hamsa
Goddess Lakshmi – the god of wealth – owl and elephant
Goddess Parvathi – the god of power – Lion
Lord kubera – god of cash – man
Lord kama – god of affection – parrot
Lord Agni – the god of fireside – urial
Lord Yama – the god of demise – water buffalo
God Bhairava – questioning type of lord shiva – urial
Goddess Shitala – the protector of ghost and illnesses – donkey
Lord Chandra – the moon – antelope
Goddess Yamuna – one of many three holy rivers – tortoise
Demon ketu – descending lunar node- eagle
Goddess ganga – the purest water supply – makara
Goddess Manasa – the god of snakes – snake
Goddess shashti – the protector of youngsters – cat
God Ganesh – God of impediment remover – mouse
Lord kartikeya – God of struggle – peacock


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