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Unifying faiths, The religion of Socrates (Dharmic) – Vedantic Hinduism, Buddhism and Greek philosophy


What had been the teachings of Socrates that led to his persecution and loss of life? We’ll to check out the religion (or ought to we are saying faith) of Socrates.

During time within the distant previous, within the historic world, there was this unimaginable interval of awakening. The ideas propounded by this awakening, underlay many early faiths most of which have been persecuted to extinction

One in all Plato’s most essential dialogues is Phaedo. Within the dialogue, Socrates expounds his philosophy to his college students, hours earlier than his execution. Central to this philosophy (or ought to I say religion) was the idea that the soul is immortal. He talks concerning the transmigration of the soul which is as a result of state of forgetfulness (I might say ignorance), and recollection of the true nature of the soul as the trail to salvation. Additionally, a have a look at the distinction between Advaitha Vedanta and Buddhism – the idea of Anatta .

Vedanta – 1:33
Buddhism – 3:28
Religion of Socrates – 6:12


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