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Tracing the Obscure Origins of Hinduism – A Lecture by Indologist Dr. Kalyanbrata Chakraborty


With uncommon originality, Dr. Kalyanbrata Chakraborty penetrates into perplexing issues of Indian tradition, comparable to discovering out the unexplored ontology of ‘Salagrama’ as a picture of Vishnu or the thriller of transformation of Sri Krishna, a human hero, to the place of the Supreme God being recognized with Vishnu. He traces the obscure origins of Hinduism as distinct from Brahminism. Dr. Chakraborty unveils how, in course of time Vedic Yajna gave method to non-Vedic puja, who have been the individuals who took the initiative of it and beneath what inspiration or compulsion, remained unknown so lengthy making a void in Indian spiritual historical past.


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