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High 50 Difficult Inquiries to Hinduism Half- 2 | सब हिंदुओ को चुनौती


High 50 Difficult Inquiries to Hinduism Half- 2 | सब हिंदुओ को चुनौती

51. Why there’s hell in Hinduism, after they say there is no such thing as a good and evil, simply ignorance is current?
52. Is alcohol permitted in Hinduism?
53. If human sacrifice isn’t practiced in Hinduism, then why there’s so many human sacrifice instances in India?
54. Does god is aware of future?
55. Then why did he permit evil?
56. The place is god now?
57. Why can’t we see god even with so many prime quality cameras?
58. Why did god of Hinduism dies, as examine to Christianity, the place Jesus is alleged to be rose from lifeless with the identical physique?
59. Does Christian god who got here as human like Hindu god, however didn’t die, but alive, seen by nearly 500 individuals at the moment, make superior to Hindu gods?
60. What occurs to all of the devatas, are the alive right now?
61. Is pure catastrophe occurred as a result of god desires to punish evil individuals?
62. Why god would not god cease rape, homicide and all evil issues earlier than occur?
63. What’s the origin of various languages of the world?
64. Did dinosaurs talked about in Hinduism?
65. The place did all dinosaurs gone, in line with Hinduism?
66. Is gay a criminal offense in Hinduism?
67. If manu was the primary man on earth, then whom did manus son and daughter married?
68. Is there any prophecies made in Hindu scripture, fulfilled, and may very well be seen in Historical past?
69. Is it completely true that reality isn’t absolute, or solely comparatively true that, all issues are relative?
70. The place do you come from?
71. The place do you go after dying?
72. What’s the function of your life?
73. How do we all know what is true, and what’s flawed?
74. How have you learnt God created the Universe?
75. Why does God permit unhealthy issues to occur to good individuals?
76. Are different religions flawed? What makes Hinduism a real faith?
77. If reincarnation is a results of deeds in a earlier life, then how did the primary reincarnation start?
78. If these struggling on this life are being punished for deeds in a earlier life, then why present any compassion to assist the downtrodden and needy? Are we not simply tinkering with their karma and delaying their punishment to an extra life?
79. What is going to you be within the subsequent life? Are you assured that you’ll make it there?
80. Do you suppose providing meals to your lifeless ancestors yearly can be sufficient?
81. Have you learnt how lengthy you’ll have to do that till your ancestor is reborn?
82. In the event you ancestor id reborn once more, then to whose soul you might be doing pooja for peace?
83. Why there are solely 7 billion individuals on earth, if the human historical past has about 10 to 15 1000’s of historical past?
84. If there is no such thing as a absolute reality in Hinduism? Then why there are legal guidelines and guidelines current?
85. What’s the good and unhealthy work in Hinduism?
86. What’s the want of Idol and Pictures required worshiping god, which waste a lot of wealth, can use for good function?
87. Why Hindu worship totally different god for various function?
88. Is the supreme god isn’t succesful to supply the human wants on their own?
89. Why there are such a lot of denominations in Hinduism?
90. What’s the Origin of caste system of Hinduism?
91. In Hindu scripture written in manusmriti, god created caste system. Is god the creator of caste system in Hinduism?
92. Does god sleep? Then why it’s written in Hindu scripture?
93. Why Shiva lower his son’s head in anger?
94. Is god of Hinduism doesn’t see the longer term?
95. Why god can not be a part of Shiva’s son’s head, as earlier?
96. Which additionally proves that the Main God of Hinduism isn’t, the Supreme god?
97. How many individuals until date, reached to their Moksha?
98. Does Krishna reached to his Moksha?
99. Did Buddha attain his Moksha?
100. Why god of Hinduism got here solely to India?

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