Top 5 Designer Dog Clothes & Accessories In 2022


As a pet parent, there are a million things you need to buy for your fur buddy. Be it food treats, toys, food bowls, dog beds, the list is almost endless. And if you and your fur buddy live in colder climates, you may also need dog coats for winters, depending upon the dog’s breed. Fashion for dogs is not a new thing. 

You may have seen a labrador rocking a fabulous outfit, sitting in the front seat with its pet parent on social media. Dog fashion is a thing now, and pet parents who don’t mind spending an extra dime on their fur buddy’s fashion have many options, including designer and luxury brands. If you are looking for some designer drip for your dog, here is a list of the top five designer dog clothes and accessories trending this year.

Hurtta Summit Insulated Dog Parka

If you live in cold climates with your fur buddy, you may be looking for dog coats. Here’s one of the designer dog coats worth the hype and investment. The Hurtta Summit Insulated Dog Parka is one of the best designer dog clothes and ideal for those who can’t find a dog coat that fits their dog perfectly. The parka has adjustable straps all over, letting you adjust the neck, chest, and back area so it fits perfectly for your fur buddy. The brand is renowned for having the most size-inclusive collection for dog fashion. The material is breathable and water-resistant with a hole to hook dog leashes and reflectors, keeping your dog safe at night. The parka is practical, comfortable, and stylish, meeting all the requirements of pet parents while buying dog clothes.

Ralph Lauren Bear Wool-Blend Dog Sweater

Time to get rid of the boring sweaters you bought for your dog. Check out the latest Ralph Lauren bear wool-blend dog sweater, and you’ll find it so cute to ignore. Your pup will get all the attention it deserves when draped in this Ralph Lauren sweater. The ribbed turtle neck sweater is made from cashmere wool and is super comfortable, accommodating a leash hole. You may have guessed by the name that this dog sweater is obviously on the expensive side. However, it’s worth the cost since you can twin with your fur buddy, rocking a similar Ralph Lauren sweater yourself. That calls for a cute picture for the gram. Available in navy colour and five different sizes, ranging from XS to XL, this sweater has a cute teddy bear embroidered on the back.

Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat

Here’s another essential designer dog apparel to protect your dog in the monsoon season. Raincoats are as crucial as sweaters and warm coats for your dog. The Ruffwear sun shower dog raincoat is non-insulated, meant for hot climates and summers. The sun shower raincoat is wind and water-resistant with side buckles making them on and off process simple and easy. It is machine-washable, you can rest assured about the washing and cleaning process. Throw it in the laundry along with other dog clothes and toys, and that’s it. The coverage from the raincoat extends to the thighs and hips region, thanks to the extended coverage. You can choose the size that fits your fur buddy, as the raincoat is available in multiple sizes.

Cloud7 Braided Central Park Collar and Leash

There’s nothing more extravagant than taking your dog on a walk putting on a designer leash and collar. We’ve covered enough dog apparel above, so here’s a designer dog accessory next on our list. The Cloud7 Braided Central Park Collar and Leash would be one of the prized possessions belonging to your fur buddy. Made from greased leather, this dog leash is perfect for everyday evening walks and is super comfortable around your fur buddy’s neck. The best part about this leash is that the quality of the leather may get better as time passes and the leash ages. However, the high price may be the only downside of this product. But hey! That’s subjective, isn’t it?

Christofle Royal Jack Silver Plated Double Pet Bowl

Who said royal and fine dining is only for us humans? Your beloved fur buddy can experience fine dining with royal treatment at the comfort of your home. How do you ask? Ditching the plastic pet bowls and serving the food in a fancy silver-plated pet bowl is the first step towards achieving that. This silver-plated double pet bowl accommodates food and water in each bowl and has a unique crown design at the top. If you are in the mood to spoil your pet a little by feeding them in matching silverware, here’s your shot. Using this fancy food bowl set for special occasions like your dog’s birthday may be the best way to pamper your dog.

Final Thoughts

Those were some designer dog clothes and accessories you must check out this year. You can find several designer dog accessories online like leashes, body harnesses, collars, and jewellery. Hopefully, the article has helped you gain an insight into the designer dog apparel industry and the brands.