TikTok rolls out new Features

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TikTok is all about a personal experience, from creating your content to sharing it with your friends; the TikTok cultural revolution is upon us.

TikTok recently announced that it would be introducing a new tab under ‘Friends’ that would be replacing the existing ‘Discover’ tab that appears in the bottom menu of the app. This innovation will help users on the TikTok platform find content from their connections much faster and easier.

If you have a friend or a connection on TikTok, you are more likely to want to view their content, and this new Friends tab helps you do just that. It is hoped that this new tab will add value to the TikTok user experience, providing more ways for users to remain entertained.

All About Connections

If you have not made connections that you may not know about, TikTok will also suggest users follow based on your Facebook friends and other accounts from people TikTok thinks you may know.

TikTok appears to be moving to a user-centric business model that aims to recommend content and users based on real-life friendships that are already pre-existing. This is the general view of most modern social platforms.

The Following Tab already showcases content from those you follow on TikTok; however, there may be friends that you do not follow, and this new Friends tab will help you connect.

TikTok ios app development also recently launched a new feature to enable users above 16 with fewer than 5,000 followers to see who viewed their profile. You can click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right-hand corner to access this feature. The feature will showcase data for the previous 30 days only.

Credit where it is due

TikTok also recently made it easier for users to give credit to those involved in creating original content. TikTok content creators can now directly tag others involved in conceiving, creating, editing, and acting in original content. The TikTok user can tag all the individuals involved, including those who created the soundtrack or even the cameraman!

This feature will help TikTok users discover the actual artists and personnel involved in creating a piece of content and help them obtain credit, followers, and fans, thereby growing their profile.

When uploading any content, TikTok will offer the user the chance to tag others who have made it possible to produce the content. This, in turn, can boost the popularity and social presence of all those involved in the production.

TikTok, since its launch in 2017, has revolutionized the process of original content creation with its handy tools that empower content creators and mobile developers Elegant Media to create simply addictive videos.

TikTok remains one of the world’s most downloaded mobile applications, appealing to many users, brands, and influencers.  

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