Things To Avoid During UPSC Preparation


Union Public Service Commission, popularly known as UPSC, is among the most prestigious exams in India. It is also considered a tough nut, requiring a lot of dedication, hard work, and commitment to crack the exam. However, with online classes for UPSC, one can quickly excel in preparation.

It is seen that every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for this prestigious exam, but only a handful of them succeed in it and clear all three stages. One of the main reasons why many aspirants who prepare for this exam or give this exam fail to crack it is because they tend to make some common mistakes during their preparation.

This blog will focus on some essential things aspirants should avoid during their UPSC preparation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


The first and foremost thing that an aspirant need to avoid is procrastination. It is considered the biggest enemy of any aspirant preparing for this prestigious UPSC exam. Many aspirants procrastinate, thinking they have a reasonable time to prepare. However, time also flies by quickly; they have little or almost no time to prepare before they know or realize it. Therefore, it is crucial to start as early as possible and be consistent in your preparation.

Lack of a structured approach

Another significant thing that UPSC preparation requires is a structured and organized approach. Therefore, process matters a lot during the preparation for this exam. It is also noted that many aspirants tend to prepare for UPSC in an ad-hoc manner without having any proper plan or strategy. This blunder can lead to confusion, and you may also waste much of your precious time on irrelevant topics. Therefore, having a well-defined plan for cracking the UPSC exam is vital, and you must stick to it.

Over-reliance on coaching institutes

Additionally, there is no doubt that coaching institutes are becoming increasingly popular. Earlier, there used to be only offline classes for UPSC, but now there are online classes for UPSC too. This coaching can help provide guidance and direction regarding the exam but should not be relied upon entirely. Many aspirants depend too much on these coaching institutes and neglect their self-study. Therefore, it is crucial to strike a balance between coaching and self-study.

Neglecting current affairs

It’s a proven fact that current affairs play a crucial role in the UPSC exam. It is current affairs that build a strong foundation for this exam. But many aspirants neglect current affairs and focus only on static subjects. It can be proved a fatal mistake, as a good chunk of the exam is based only on current affairs. Hence, it is crucial to stay updated on current events and issues.

Ignoring previous year’s question papers

Previous year question papers are considered a goldmine of information for all the UPSC aspirants. They provide insights into the exam pattern and discuss the type of questions asked and the areas that are given more importance. Unfortunately, many aspirants ignore the previous year’s question papers, which can be a huge mistake. Therefore, solving as many of last year’s question papers as possible is essential.


One thing that every UPSC aspirant need to remember is that overconfidence can be the downfall of any UPSC aspirant. It is seen that many aspirants become complacent after a few initial successes and stop putting in the required effort for the exam. It can be proved as a fatal mistake, as the UPSC exam is known to be very much unpredictable. Hence, it is essential to remain as much humble and focused as possible throughout the preparation journey.

Neglecting optional subjects

The optional subject is one of the essential parts of the UPSC exam. Unfortunately, many aspirants make the mistake of neglecting the optional issue and focusing only on the general studies subjects. It can be a huge mistake, as the optional subject can provide an edge in the final selection and help you succeed. Therefore, it is essential to choose the optional topic wisely and give it all the attention it deserves.

Neglecting writing practice

Answer writing practice is considered an essential aspect of UPSC preparation. But many aspirants tend to make the mistake of neglecting writing practice and focusing solely on reading and memorizing. It can be proved to be a fatal mistake, as the UPSC exam requires good writing skills. Therefore, practicing writing essays, answers, and notes is essential.

Not revising enough

Revision is, no doubt, the key to retention. Many aspirants tend to neglect revision and focus solely on covering new topics. It can be a big mistake, as revision is crucial for consolidating the knowledge gained. Therefore, revising regularly and as many times as possible is essential.

Neglecting physical and mental health

UPSC preparation can be stressful and demanding. Therefore, aspirants need to stay focused throughout this arduous journey. And for this, focusing on mental and physical health is very much important. Ignoring either of them can be proved as a fatal mistake.


The UPSC exam is considered one of the most challenging in India and around the globe. But by avoiding these silly mistakes, one can easily crack an exam with complete dedication and hard work. Moreover, one can streamline their preparation with the UPSC crash course offered by a good coaching institute.


When to start preparing for the UPSC exam?

It is advisable to start UPSC preparation after graduation or start in the last year. One should start as early as possible, but this doesn't mean that one should start in school or from the start of their graduation. The focus should be on completing the graduation first.

Should one use social media during UPSC preparation or not?

It is advisable not to use social media if you cannot control yourself from using it. Limited and controlled use is okay, but over-dependence should be avoided. So, this thing varies from person to person.

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