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The True which means of Shiva and Shakthi


The True which means of Shiva and Shakthi

We should attempt to discover out whether or not this fundamental particle of which the entire universe consists, is motion or matter.

There’s a system for this: Something that adjustments or strikes is motion.

Something that has no motion, and which doesn’t bear any change, is matter.

We all know there’s motion in every ethereal particle.

What was the state of that particle previous to its motion?

If one subtracts the motion from that ethereal particle, then what stays will solely be Area – Pure Area.

Which means what’s discovered after subtracting motion from the essential particle is non-action or matter.

So, matter is house and Akash or the ethereal particle is motion (vitality).

The motion of Area is known as the ethereal particle.

Area (Siva, Sanskrit) stands as matter and Akash (Sakthi, Sanskrit) stands as motion or vitality.

The affiliation of vitality particles constitutes mass.

All appearances and manifestations are plenty.

Power is nothing however Area in motion.

The primary state of Akash is Mahakash.

It’s the Akash with absolute velocity or everlasting motion prevailing all around the universe.

That is the common area.

The second state of Akash is Bhootakash, which penetrates and fills up the intervening void throughout the construction of all plenty.

This Bhootakash, whereas functioning in plenty of various density, e.g., as air, fireplace liquid and strong, releases its drive in numerous kinds as Sound, mild, style and odor, respectively.

The third stage of Akash is Chittakash, which has the capability for sensing strain, sound, mild, style and odor.

This Chittakash is the one which feels ache and pleasure.

It’s natural life or the ethereal physique.

The physique will be divided into 5 sections: strong, liquid, warmth, air and vitality (ether).

The ethereal physique is the soul.

Between the ethereal physique and the strong physique are three media which operate as important forces and preserve the connection between life and physique: Liquid, warmth and air.

The soul is the group motion of myriads of small particles of Chittakash.

It’s the ethereal physique or life.

There is no such thing as a separate entity which we will single out and say “That is Thoughts”.

The sum whole of the actions and experiences of the soul is Thoughts.

The Thoughts comes into being each time one does something or each time one will get some sensation.

If one tastes an apple, then one is remodeled into the apple style.

If one sees an apple, one is remodeled into the form of the apple.

How? If one removes the apple and closes one’s eyes, one finds that the apple continues to be current in a single’s interior imaginative and prescient.

Which means when one is available in contact with the apple, one takes its form.

No matter one perceives, that’s the form one takes by one’s personal transformation.

On this method, no matter form is taken, that turns into one’s sensation, experiences, high quality, and imprint, forming behavior.

The thoughts is the operate of the Consciousness in man.

Each motion of man is registered as an imprint on this Consciousness.

The reflection and response arising from the imprints in response to sensory perceptions represent the thoughts.

What’s Almighty?

Almighty is Absolute Area, Reality. Absolute Area is Shiva.

When one subtracts the motion within the vitality particle, it turns into Area; Almighty.

When the Almighty is in motion, it’s referred to as Sakthi (Sanskrit), or motion.

If the motion or motion (Sakthi) is faraway from the soul, then each particle of the soul turns into the Almighty.

Within the matter-state the soul is Shiva, Reality, God. Within the action-state it’s Sakthi, Life, Soul.

Go to and begin your journey in the direction of the Everlasting State Shiva and Power State Shakthi.

Be blessed by the Divine!
Krish Murali Eswar.

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