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the importance of religious quantity 108 in hinduism


the importance of religious quantity 108 in hinduism

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108 may be very steadily used quantity in Hinduism. Many of the mantras are repeated 108 occasions, many actions are carried out 108 occasions. What’s the significance of 108?
108 is just not a randomly chosen quantity in Hinduism. All of the actions which might be carried out in Hinduism has a scientific motive. Our physique has 114 chakras (in keeping with Yoga faculty, one of many 6 faculties in Hinduism) . A chakra is fashioned when nadies meet. There are completely 72,000 nadis in our physique assembly in 114 areas, thus our physique has 114 chakras. Out of 114, 2 are exterior the physique, 112 contained in the physique. Out of 112, there are four nadies which we are able to’t management. What ever we do, we are able to’t management the four nadies. So completely 108 nadies solely we are able to management.
Since we are able to management 108 nadies, we are able to management our religious physique to align with the universe. That is the explanation we all the time use 108 in Hinduism. There are additionally some info that we found 10,000 years earlier than
Diameter of solar and the gap between earth and the solar is 108 occasions.
Diameter of earth and diameter of solar is 108 occasions
Diameter of moon and distance between earth and the moon is 108 occasions.


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