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The Actual Origin & Which means of Adam of Islam & Christianity from Hinduism


Some of the vital and well-known Hindu scripture is Bhagvath Gita [Sanskrit language] Allow us to have a look at chapter 09 and verse 13 [9.13] mahatmanas tu mam partha
daivim prakritim asritah
bhajanty ananya-manaso
jnatva bhut-adim avyayam
maha-atmanah–the nice souls; tu–but; mam–unto Me; partha–O son of Prtha; daivim–divine; prakrtim–nature; asritah–taken shelter of; bhajanti–render service; ananya-manasah–without deviation of the thoughts; jnatva–knowing; “BHUTA”–creation; “ADIM”-original; avyayam–inexhaustible.

All Students agree that Hindu Scriptures like
Rigved are the oldest
written texts/manuscripts
identified to mankind.
Bhagvath(d) Gita can also be
one of many oldest and most
sacred textual content of Hinduism.

भूत [Sanskrit] =
Bhuta[Sanskrit] = Creation [ English] आदिम/आदिं [Sanskrit] =
Adim [Sanskrit] = Authentic [ English ] Bhuta+Adim [Sanskrit] = Bhutadim [Sanskrit] भूतादिं = Authentic Creation
As you may see can see Adam of Quran and Bible is from the Sanskrit phrase Adim [आदिम/आदिं ] (y)Avva(h)[mother], Allah, Amma(h)[=Mother], Amba, Akka(h)[=Elder/Big Sister] are all the unique synonyms for [Aadi]Shakti the consort of Shiva. She can also be referred to as as Durga within the areas of kolkata [India] and (y)allamma [Allah+amma] or Durgavva [Durga+Avva] in north maharashtra and north karnataka border.
Appa[Father],Anna[Big/Elder Brother] are the synonyms used for Shiva.
Advert(h)i(sanskrit)=The foundation, The unique, The primary Supply; Shakti(sanskrit)=vitality
adhishakti=the unique vitality or the primary vitality
(y)allamma= Allah+Amma


Kannada [ಕನ್ನಡ] has been recorded because the oldest residing language by the Guinness guide of data which origins from Sanskrit (which is definitely the oldest however not oldest LIVING since its being revived once more). North kannada is among the dialect of kannada.
Avva(h) [ಅವ್ವ], Amma(h) [ಅಮ್ಮ] = Mom [English] And these phrases are synonyms of mom goddess Durga or Adhishakti.

Avva(h) (ಅವ್ವ) = Mom [english] Avva(h) à (H)avvah [Quran/Arabic] = Eva(h) [Bible/English/Hebrew] Aadim is once more talked about in Bhagavat Gita 11.16
Krshna is taken into account because the avatar of Vishnu however Rigved titles Shiva as Vishnu and the consort of Shakti who’s nothing however Durga aka Allah aka Avva, Amma, Amba.

आदिमानव/Aadim’anav[Sanskrit] = First Human
=Historic Man
आदि/Aadi[Sanskrit]=The preliminary, The Authentic,
The First
आदिम/आदिं/Aadim[Sanskrit]= The First One,
=The Authentic One
Avva(h)[The Mother]àEva(h)[First Mother]

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