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The which means and symbolism of Shiva Linga


What does Shiva Linga symbolize?

The phrase ‘linga’, in Sanskrit, refers to “chief mark” or “attribute” of one thing. Many imagine that this “linga” means the male sexual organ, which is kind of not true. This refers to excellent and determinative. What that is representing is determinative and distinguish attribute of the person on the bodily degree. In different contexts, the which means of linga varies.

So, Shiva Linga is the illustration of ascending power of consciousness and life in nature. This implies we see the “linga” within the mountains, within the clouds, the timber, within the human themselves. Many lingas just like the Kedarnath (one of the essential Shiva website within the Himalayas) are within the type of rocks within the form of mountains. Different “lingas” are within the type of mild with the lingas of the Solar, the Moon, and the Hearth.

In Tamil Nadu, the particular Shiva lingam with the 5 parts of earth, water, fireplace, air, and ether are at particular temples within the area. Every ingredient – earth, water, fireplace, air, and ether – listed below are the determinative power, and thus the Shiva linga. The place the good enlightened sage Ramana Maharshi stayed, Anurachala is claimed to be the hearth linga of Lord Shiva.


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