The Macallan ‘The Red Collection’ 60 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


Macallan’s Red Collection, introduced in 2020, showcases their reverence for tradition and craftsmanship through an ongoing range of aged expressions and special guest releases of higher-aged whiskies. The Interesting Info about Macallan 60 year Old Red Collection.

Macallan’s remarkable 60-year-old single malt whisky joins their 40, 50, and 78-year-old offerings as part of The Red Collection, becoming one of the most aged ongoing bottlings ever done by Macallan.

The Story

The Macallan’s Red Collection is an exquisite range of rare single malt whiskies designed to honor its longstanding celebration of red throughout its rich history. This range boasts ongoing aged expressions and high-aged guest releases – with constant archaic faces like 40 Years Old and 50 Years Old standing out as some of the oldest continuously offered indications from The Macallan brand.

The Macallan’s range also features The Macallan 77 Years Old – a fantastic new high-aged guest release aged from a combination of seasoned sherry and refill casks bottled at 43.4% abv. Distilled decades ago using one of The Macallan’s distinctive small copper stills and expertly matured over seven extraordinary decades, reaching peak perfection – a testament to The Macallan’s legendary dedication to quality whiskies being nurtured over time in finest oak casks by generations of whisky makers until reaching peak perfection – genuinely unique.

Javi Aznarez, a Spanish painter and illustrator, designed three characters featured in an animated film commemorating The Red Collection brought to life by world-renowned Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti’s music recordings. Each bottle in The Macallan “The Red Collection” comes in an exquisite wooden presentation box handmade from European oak wood and covered with sustainably sourced soft red leather from Scotland’s Bridge of Weir Leather for optimal presentation.

The Colour

These whiskies were carefully distilled years ago and aged for several decades in oak casks under the expert watchful eyes of generations of master artisans – giving each whisky time to reach maturity while reflecting The Macallan’s pursuit of uncompromised excellence.

Red has long been associated with The Macallan, from its establishment as an 1824 distillery by Alexander Reid (whose surname means ‘the red one”) to Roderick Kemp realizing its significance for creating a solid brand identity more than 100 years later in 1903.

Macallan Reserve Single Malts have been meticulously selected from its reserves and bottled at 43.2% abv for bottling at an exceptional level of aging in sherry-seasoned and refill casks, then finished off by infusing natural oak extract into each expression for an exquisitely smooth profile.

These extraordinary whiskies are presented elegantly and distinctively, paying homage to Macallan’s rich heritage. Encased in an oak presentation box made from the same sustainable European oak as used to craft The Macallan oak casks and upholstered with sustainably-sourced soft red leather from Scottish supplier Bridge of Weir Leather; additionally, they come with labels illustrated by celebrated Spanish artist Javi Aznarez for added distinction.

The Cask

The Macallan is known for producing aged and rare Scotch whiskies that often fetch premium auction prices. Their latest offering, The Red Collection, showcases this distillery’s deep appreciation of time and history.

Red has always held special meaning for The Macallan brand; from Alexander Reid’s surname – meaning ‘The Red One” – to Allan Shiach’s tieing red ribbon around vintage bottles during the 80s, all have had some impactful connection to red at The Macallan. This collection honors its importance throughout its time at The Macallan.

Currently, aged expressions in The Macallan’s collection are hand-finished and signed by Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell and Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess. At the same time, guest releases with age statements of 71, 74, or 78 years will feature illustrated labels from Javi Aznarez – an acclaimed Spanish artist who frequently collaborates with The Macallan.

Packaging for each bottle in this collection is refined, elegant, and luxurious. Each bottle is housed in an oak presentation box crafted from European oak used for whisky maturation casks, then wrapped in soft red leather from Bridge of Weir Leather of Scotland to pay tribute to the whiskies within. It is an incredible tribute to each whisky.

The Bottle

The Macallan is well-known for producing rare and aged single malt whiskies that regularly fetch high bids at auctions well beyond their projected prices; their bottlings are revered by many. No exception can be made here regarding The Red Collection, which comprises ongoing aged expressions and special guest releases honoring red as an essential color.

The series comprises six whiskies with extremely high age statements; its oldest, aged 78 years, holds the most elevated age statement ever offered by Macallan and was matured in some of their most precious casks – reflecting Macallan’s uncompromising pursuit of excellence since 1824.

Each bottle comes numbered and housed in a unique box handcrafted from sustainable European oak used to craft The Macallan casks and soft sustainably-sourced red leather from Scottish supplier Bridge of Weir Leather. Working closely with artist Javi Aznarez, The Macallan collaborated to design custom labels that express what red means to The Macallan.

The Macallan’s founder Alexander Reid had a deep-seated affinity with red. His surname translates into English as ‘Reid,’ which stands for ‘the red one’; thus, the connection between name and color central to The Macallan brand and legacy ever present in its DNA. To pay homage to this rich legacy and honor Alexander Reid’s longstanding association with this hue, ‘The Red Collection’ from The Macallan is dedicated.

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