The ICC World Cricket League

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Finding a good qualifying scheme for the Cricket World Cups has never been easy. Many attempts have been made. One of the most interesting ones has been the ICC World Cricket League. This competition existed between 2007 and 2019. The teams that played on it are currently at the bet website, where there are excellent opportunities for every fan of these squads.

The competition served two main goals, which included:

  • serving as a qualifying tournament for the Cricket World Cups;
  • providing the chance to an ever-increased number of squads to participate in one-day contests.

Both purposes were fulfilled in a successful manner. There were a huge number of up teams taking part in this championship. They would go on to participate in other tournaments that also are featured at the website for users to bet 1xBet, on their different performances.

A short history

The ICC needed a competition where lots of teams from all over the world could participate. The first edition was celebrated in 2007 and featured many teams for which currently fans can bet cricket on and follow across different championships. In this 2007 edition, the squads were spread across five different divisions. Between each one of them, there were promotion and relegation scales. However, for building the first season of the World Cricket League, the divisions were built according to the rankings that different cricket squads had.

However, it was quickly decided to change this format. Subsequent editions would be expanded from five to eight total divisions. The top seven ones would have six teams in total, while the eighth division, the lowest one, would have eight teams in total.

This format was kept for the remaining editions of the competition. After its end in 2019, its teams would go to different instances featured at 1xBet, the site to bet on cricket, where people want to follow all their performances.

Lots of matches

The maximum number of teams to ever compete at the championship were 93. All their best was captured at, and people can bet on their upcoming results.

In total there were hundreds of matches. The most remembered ones were those that took place at the top divisions. For example, during the first division in 2007, Kenya was able to secure a historic qualification for the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup of the same year.

The Africans retained the first place throughout the league, which helped them to play a final stage against Scotland. It took place on the seventh of February 2007, where the Africans were the winners by 8 wickets. Many other teams, also present in 1xBet, were able to qualify for the tournament following a similar path.

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