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What are the holy books of Hinduism? Christians have the Holy Bible. Muslims have the Holy Quran. What are the scriptures of the Hindus? Is it the Vedas? Is it the Bhagavad Gita? Is it Ramayana? Is it the Upanishads? What are the Hindu scriptures?

That is a part of a Hinduism Details sequence from the Vedanta Channel.

I make movies on Advaita Vedanta. I’m devoted to bringing you the very best high quality, thought-provoking content material from Advaita Vedanta. I take the most effective from my readings, listening and viewing on Vedanta and put them into quick movies, which I hope will enrich your life.

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Vedanta is among the oldest philosophies on this planet. It isn’t a mere educational exposition on the character of Actuality. It’s a lifestyle, whose context is examined within the gentle of the connection of the Self (Atman) to Every thing (Brahman). Its intention is a minimum of to unravel the existential issues of life by transcending human limitations, and to look past struggling in direction of fulfilment and deliverance.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
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