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The Himalayas – Abode of Lord Shiva Mahadev, God of Kirat Individuals


Video devoted and dedicated to Lord Shiva Mahadev who’s God of Asian folks. He’s identified by completely different title by numerous Asian folks.

Historic Background of Lord Shiva

Quotes from the unique discourses of Namah Shivaya Shantaya by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
“Within the days of Shiva, three ethnic race intermingled in Indian subcontinent. One was the Austric group, the black non-Aryan folks;
the second was the Mongolian(often known as Kirat), third was the fair-complexioned Aryan. From these three teams, Shiva got here from Kirat folks.”

Under is the salutation extracted from the traditional texts, that factors out that Lord Shiva was Kirat.

Om Námáh Shiváyá Kirátáyá
Om Námáh Umáyái Sábáryái
upon translation is;
Om! Salutation to Shiva, the all good, the Kirata!
Om! Salutation to Uma, the mom, the Sabari!

Civilization first began sprouting after the prehistoric age of the human race, that’s, from the times of the primary composition of the Rg Veda, about 15,000 years in the past. Shiva was born about seven thousand years in the past about eight thousand years after the start of the composition of the Rg Veda, that’s, over the past a part of the Rgvedic Age and the primary a part of the Yajurvedic Age at a time when the age of the Rg Veda was coming to an finish and the Yajurvedic Age was about to start. The civilization we see within the age of the Rg Veda could also be thought of as pre-Shiva, and the civilization we discover within the days of the Yajur Veda as post-Shiva. A significant change passed off throughout the days of Lord Shiva in direction of the top of the Rgvedic interval (which lasted 10,000 years).

Within the days of Shiva, three ethnic teams intermingled. One was the Austric group, the black non-Aryan folks; the second was the Mongolian group who got here to India from the north that’s from Tibet and China; and the third was the fair-complexioned Aryan group which entered India from the west. Within the days of Shiva, the Aryans began coming into India from the northwest. A lot of them had already arrived, many have been on the best way, and lots of have been nonetheless making preparations to return. This era of Shiva was a most turbulent interval in India. On the one hand there have been the Aryans, the outsiders, and alternatively there have been the indigenous folks, with their Tantra-oriented tradition and faith.

Within the then India, the mutual relations between the unique inhabitants of India and the outsiders, the Aryans, have been in no way cordial. The Aryans, out of deep-rooted contempt for the indigenous folks of India, used to name them typically asuras, typically dánavas, typically dásas, typically shúdras. The Aryans didn’t settle for these folks of their society; quite, they declared them to be outcastes they declared them to be pariahs or untouchables However these historical folks of India, of Austrico-Mongolo-Negroid blood, had their very own civilization and tradition. They have been additionally developed folks: they’d their science of Tantra, and their drugs. There was a chronic battle between these folks and the Aryans.

Into this conflict-ridden surroundings, Shiva was born right into a Kirat(Mongol) household on this ambiance of battle between the Aryans and the non-Aryans, however He at all times cherished a honest need that every one the races the Aryans, the non-Aryans, and the Mongolians would reside collectively in peace. The truth is, He labored continuously in direction of that finish. Within the social sphere, Shiva performed a really energetic function in eradicating the distinctions among the many members of society. Shiva had three wives (these have been additionally the times of polygamy) Párvatii [Gaorii], a fair-complexioned Aryan lady (in Previous China, Párvatii was often called Tárá); Kálii [Káliká], a dark-complexioned non-Aryan [Austrico-Dravidian] lady; and Gaungá, a yellow-complexioned Mongolian lady born in Tibet. He hoped these marriages would restore the spirit of friendship among the many three races.

Shiva needed to unite the folks by obliterating social variations. He tried His utmost all through His life to unite the then human society, scattered and fragmented into quite a few teams and subgroups, and lead it in direction of supreme achievement. An try was made previously and is being made within the current to narrate [other] gods and goddesses to Shiva. The one motive for that is the unequalled and unparalleled affect of Shiva on the minds of the plenty. These gods and goddesses who’re stated to be associated to Shiva purchase some status, as a result of all bask within the glory of Shiva. Shiva is little doubt a god, however the phrase god doesn’t embody the totality of His persona. He isn’t solely a god, He’s the God of gods Devatánám´ devatá, devanám´
devah ityarthe Mahádevah [The God of all gods and goddesses is Mahádeva]. Shiva is Mahádeva.
We will nonetheless observe right this moment that Shiva is the god of all, no matter race or caste or nationality, wealthy or poor, realized or ignorant. No different deity in Asia enjoys such large common recognition.


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