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Answering a query on the depth and magnitude of Indian tradition, Sadhguru explains that for anybody to protect and have a good time their heritage, first they will need to have a deep sense of satisfaction in it. Citing examples of the large contribution of Indian tradition internationally, a few of which date again to 4000 years in the past, Sadhguru explains that sure fundamentals have to be re-examined, together with the way in which historical past is taught within the nation.



Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Indians do not know the greatness of this tradition. Methods to deliver again the satisfaction Sadhguru?

Sadhguru: Please… (Gestures to questioner to take a seat down)

I feel one factor now we have to do is write a extra…re-write a extra accountable historical past of what has occurred on this land for a very long time. Not within the final three thousand years, not within the fourteen hundred years. What individuals on this land have executed for a very long time needs to be introduced again. In different nations persons are finding out this. When you go to…there are Lebanese individuals? When you…when you examine in a faculty in Lebanon, you’ll examine how Indian employees, Indian sculptures, Indian elephants, Indian yogis got here and constructed a Phoenician temple 4 thousand 300 years in the past in Lebanon, which is named as Baalbek, which is an outstanding temple. 4 thousand 300 years in the past – among the basis stones are over 300 tons and there’s no granite in Lebanon, they transported all of it the way in which from Egypt throughout the canal and up the mountain and put it up there. Indian elephants, employees and sculptors labored. The proof…there’s sufficient proof however one proof is visually hanging there’s, lotuses within the ceiling. Indian sculptor has to place a lotus wherever he goes. The place would a Lebanese sculptor have seen a lotus? Clearly there aren’t lotuses there. So what number of Indian kids have…overlook about kids, what number of Indian grown-ups have heard about this? No.

The Tamil kings went and constructed Angkor Thom and Angkor Vat in Cambodia. Angkor Thom is the biggest non secular constructing on this planet. The intricacy and the engineering, the sheer design and engineering of how these temples are constructed – when you go and see, you’ll really feel pleased with being a human being, as a result of if human beings can assume one thing like this a thousand years in the past and manifest it, it’s an excessive amount of. This was executed by the Tamil kings, a lot of the work executed by in all probability the Tamil labor. From first customary to twelfth customary does any Tamil little one even learn a line about this of their historical past guide? No, we solely learn how we had been conquered, raped, looted, overwhelmed by different individuals.

Then…if there is no such thing as a satisfaction why would you wish to recreate it? You must perceive this – a tradition or a nation is simply an concept. When human beings connect…take this on as an id, connect some satisfaction to it, it burns by one’s thoughts and into his coronary heart; now he needs to guard it, rise it, maintain it clear, maintain it great. If you don’t construct satisfaction into it then individuals will wish to keep away from it. All people will wish to keep away from it. Now no matter you assume is most profitable on the planet it would be best to imitate that. In the present day our concept of success has grow to be purely financial – not aesthetic, not…it isn’t intelligence that we worth, it isn’t knowledge that we worth, it isn’t magnificence or aesthetics that we worth, it isn’t religious attainments that we worth. “Who’s the massive man in Coimbatore” if I ask individuals will solely identify the richest man within the city. They won’t identify the wisest man on the town, essentially the most lovely man on the town, most meditative man on the town – no. The richest man on the town is the most important man.

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